Dear Al Gore

March 8, 2008

Dear Mr. Former Vice President,

I know when you didn’t win the presidential election you had to find something to do with your new-found free time.  For reasons I can’t fathom, taking up the “cause” of global warming obviously buttered your toast and filled said free time. 

Here is my “globally warmed” Midwestern life as of about five minutes ago when I braved the elements and threw open some windows and a door to get the evidence:


Our Vehicles.  Obviously, the emissions from my Suburban (on the left, thank you — and no, mom, it’s not a van) have warmed my neighborhood drastically.


Phullabaloney Fill’s house.  Thank goodness no one needs any answers today.  I mean, the news would obviously be good, but I don’t think Mr. Fill would come out to prove it.  And if he did?  Well, I wouldn’t want to be around for that verbal torrent.


Our mail box.  There might be mail in there from yesterday, but we don’t know.  We don’t know if the mail carrier made it, and we haven’t yet wanted to go out in the unrelenting snow and wind to check.  We are just glad we made it home alive yesterday. 

snow on roof



The snow and ice hanging over the edge of my roof, as seen by hanging out my bedroom window.  I really wish there was some blue sky or something to contrast the whiteness of the snow and maybe make the icicles stand out a bit, even sparkle.  But no, thanks to global warming, my whole world right now is gray, cold and blustery.




Granted, March snow is not completely unheard of in this part of the country, but it is a tad unusual, especially in these amounts.  Much like last year’s globally warmed April snow, this is unexpected and disappointing, not to mention inconvenient and a tad depressing.

Mr. Former Vice-President, you have done an excellent job getting your message out to the the media, the Hollywood elite, and, consequently, the unsuspecting and overly trusting American public.  Now maybe you need to concentrate your efforts on getting a memo through to Mother Nature, because she’s making you look like a bigger weenie than I already thought you were.

Just Saying,


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12 thoughts on “Dear Al Gore

  1. I am aware of what some scientist say. I am also aware of what others say: bunk. I don’t dispute cimate changes on the earth (good grief, those have been happening forever!), just the idea that it is all humankind’s fault and the way Al Gore and his ilk spin it. They are making gobs of money by creating an industry around global warming. I would refer you to this link:
    Sorry I couldn’t find a link to the entire program.


  2. Hooray Elaine!! I liked the post so much I had to read it to my husband.

    Two thinkers who’ve looked at both sides and are tired of hearing “the sky is FAILING”


  3. Teeheehee! 🙂 We’re not quite as buried as you are right now, but we’ve been holding our own all winter. (Thank goodness I spent most of the winter in Ukraine where it was warm! 🙂 We usually have a few 60 degree days during February but I don’t think we got above 40 all month long! UGH! Enough already.


  4. rainbowmom

    Maybe the Global Warming is just trying to start here in TN since that’s where the Father of the Internet, oh I mean, Senator Gore is from. Earlier in the week, 60’s & 70’s, today snow, later in the week high 60’s again. hmmmm

    I have two SUVs…maybe that did it?


  5. Seriously, do you and your sister share a brain? Or at least a wavelength?! Hahaha!! That cracks me up Elaine! I can’t believe the snow you guys have had, and here we are in CO, soaking up 50 degrees and sunny. I love it.

    As for the above debate…I think we should leave this type of thinking to the scientists in the relevant fields. Not that “thinkers” in the general public don’t have a place, but making the determination on global warming is a little out of most people’s realm.


  6. Ah, Laurie, I agree that we should leave it to the scientists in the relevant fields, but then who gives voice to said scientists? In other words, who chooses which of those scientists gets the most attention and air time? Which ones do we listen to? And that is why we, as the general public, still need to think about it. My sister’s post cracked me up when I saw it (after I posted mine). I had no idea she was doing that, nor did she know I was. Too funny.


  7. Dianna

    LMAO! (Can I swear in abbreviations on your blog???) Because here in the middle of the Midwest, we have had a nastier winter this year than in any of our previous five winters in this house. Global warming my rear end.


  8. Have to agree with you again, Elaine. We, as citizens, have a responsibility to think about what we are constantly told. There are actually quite a few scientists that are against the “human caused global warming” issue. Now most of them will tell you straight up that there is global warming, but also that it is part of a natural historical trend. In fact, 20,000 scientists, of whom about 2,700 of them are physicists, geophysicists, climatologists, meteorologists, oceanographers or environmental scientists, who are in a position to understand the global warming issues, have signed the following statement:

    There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth. ( )

    Shoot, my parents who are not even interested in the topic noticed on an Alaskan cruise that the rangers told them taht Glacier Bay was created by a glacier that melted back two hundred years ago, stopped melting, and is now melting back again. 200 years ago would have been before most anything that contributes to humans poluting the earth.

    Now this does not mean we do not recycle, we do. Why fill up a landfill and it’s really not hard. We try to use glass jars for storage as it’s nice having lids that all fit the same container and they are recycled when broken. We don’t use certain household detergents and bleaches as we feel natural waterways are important (not to mention to health of our family) there is more but why go on and on. These are all things we think about and make a decision on instead of going with the flow.

    ok, I’ll go back to my own blog now and quite stuffing your comments full of my words 🙂

    Jenn, watching it snow…again


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