Moving Day #2

Did I say yesterday that these movers were fantastic?

I meant it.

Two days.  Two guys.  My house is completely packed.

On Wednesday they will load it all in the truck.

On Thursday and Friday they will deliver it.  They said it will take a day and a half to deliver it because they will set up all the beds and other things that had to be taken down.


But I am sad.  Even with all the boxes around, my house now has that lonely echo when we speak.  I really thought this would likely be my home for the rest of my life.  I figured if we did move, it would just be to a different house in the same area.

A bunch of friends are coming tomorrow afternoon to help me clean the house once the movers are done.  What fantastic friends.  It’s not easy for me to let people do things for me, but I know I’ve reached my limit and have been accepting help these past few days.  I am just so grateful that it is there to be accepted.

I am going to miss my friends and neighbors.

But how much sadder would it be if I were moving and had no one to miss?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt needs a Kleenex.

7 thoughts on “Moving Day #2

  1. Wow- 2 days. That is awesome! I remember moving from my last house (well, apartment). I was so ready to move into my 1st house, but it was very hard leaving my neighbors! But it ends up being, make new friends, but keep the old. Still sad but a new adventure!


  2. Carissa

    Wow I need those movers! Moving is sad but eventually you will have new memories in a new house! And congrats on taking the offered help, I know how hard that can be!


  3. Wow that is so awesome that you got to have all your stuff packed up and moved. What a relief! I’m excited for your new adventure on your behalf. The parting is so hard though.


  4. I’m sorry for the sadness, but so happy for you re: the fantastic logistical moving experience you’re having. That’s amazing! OK, vow to self: never ever move again unless company offers amazing relo package.


  5. Christina

    Movers rock. You are making me very glad we also have company-paid movers! But really sad thinking about my ‘dream’ house sitting empty. Sigh. Like you, I thought this one was a keeper. And aren’t good-byes the worst? But let’s not focus on the sad…think of all the fun adventures you will have in the new place! And all the friends you’ll make! (and ahem, feel free to toss this a$$vice back at me when I’m getting down about our move…)


  6. We’ve moved so many times in our 18 years of marriage that I’ve lost track of the actual number, but some things never change.
    It stinks.
    I’m glad you hired the movers…it sounds like they made the process a LOT easier. Hang in there. You’ll make a ton of new friends, and it’s not like you’re losing the other ones. They’re just a phone call away.
    And HEY! You have us! 🙂


  7. I’m glad the move is going so well. Moving makes me twitch and break out in a sweat, so hearing about a good one is always nice! Hope everything continues to go smoothly.


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