Some Days I Really Wish I Could Eat Cheese

And today is one of those days.  But really, that is neither here nor there.

The actual purpose of today’s post is to show friends, relatives, lurkers and random strangers pictures of my back yard:


The pond is about 1/3 of an acre.  The property goes back to the trees, which are growing by a creek.  The rope you see in the foreground is our current method of keeping the dog(s) in the yard.  Apparently we think we’re rich, because we have the invisible fence people coming on Monday.  “And how much of the four acres are they going to fence?” you wonder.  Well, apparently we think we’re really rich.  I think we’re really stupid, because one leap into the pond and there go those electronic collar things.


The trampoline was a housewarming gift from my parents.  It’s probably torturing the kidlets to have it out there but not completely set up; but BOXES people!  The boxes in my house number the sands in the sea, I swear!  We have to get unpacked.


The more lush green you see further out on the property is wheat.  It is our property, but not our wheat.  The previous owners always rented the land out to a farmer.  We’re still debating whether or not to start planting fruit trees and a garden out there now, or actually let the farmer get his wheat harvest.  Are we mean?  The previous owner said not to feel at all guilty if we wanted to tear into the land now, he’d just pay the farmer back.  But the BOXES!  Who has time for the land right now?  Although, if I want to get a garden in, it really has to be soon.


There are many, many, many frogs in our pond.  The kids have named all that they have found.  This one is Kermit.  He was only named Kermit because I said if we’re naming frogs, one of them really should be named Kermit.  The first one to get a name was, of course, Trevor.  Then there was Tinker Bell, and Cutie Pie (barf), and I don’t remember what else.  Kermit is the least skittish, however, so you get a picture of Kermit.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt should feel right at home here.

7 thoughts on “Some Days I Really Wish I Could Eat Cheese

  1. Wow! That looks like little boy paradise. I think we may have to come visit you sometime. Shane would LOOOOVE your big pond as he loves our little, tiny, itty-bitty one. Yours is so big he probably would be giddy with excitement.


  2. OMG, my kids would never want to come home if we visited! That is totally their paradise!!!! Enjoy! Who can worry about boxes when there is all that to enjoy!


  3. Nancy

    You might consider making a deal with the farmer for some wheat for food storage. Of course, that would also depend on what kind of wheat he planted.

    Could you put your garden on land that is currently grass, like right next to the wheat? then you don’t have to hike out so far to work on it.


  4. Nancy

    You might work out a deal with the farmer for some wheat for fod storage, depending on what kind of wheat he planted.

    Could you put your garden in the grass, maybe right next to the wheat? Then you wouldn’t have to hike out so far to work in it.


  5. McH

    The garden can’t be too close to the pond or the property line since I need at least 48″ clearance on both sides for my new mower and to heck with winter wheat. I want more grass to mow.


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