Blue Barb Flies United Airlines

As you may recall, we had a few problems with United Airlines when McH and my mother were going over to Vietnam to get Quinn.

I thought I wrote another post in which I detailed some other problems with United (the changeable tickets that turned out not to be changeable) and also said if things were somehow resolved and some kind of decent restitution was made I would write a post titled “Blue Barb Flies United.”  If I did write all that, I can’t find it.  Maybe it was an incidental part of a password protected post.  I don’t know.

So, to recap:

The nice woman from United Airline who I finally got to talk to after having to wade through many, many layers of not nice people, the one who worked her fanny off to get my family home in a timely and efficient manner, asked me at one point what United could do to make it up to us.  I asked for three things:

1.  Get my family home whenever they are able to leave Vietnam.
2.  Find out who Shoshona/Shoshauna/Shoshanna/(however you spell it) at Dulles is and do something about her (reassign her to not work with customers, put a letter of reprimand in her file, something!).
3.  A letter of apology from someone at the corporate level.

As I said, my family did get home when they needed to get home.  They weren’t upgraded, but they got bulkhead seating with the bassinet for the baby, so that was all good.  I have no idea what, if anything, has happened with the Wicked Witch of the Dulles International Airport.  So far we also have not received an apology from anyone at the corporate level of United Airlines but, to be fair, we have moved and didn’t give them any kind of forwarding address, and since they were never able to Fed Ex our tickets to us anyway, who knows if they even have our old address in their system anymore?

But today?  Today?  We opened our credit card bill and found that about half the price of all the tickets had been refunded.

Welllllllllll . . . it’s not what I asked for, but I guess it’s enough for Barb to break her long-standing rule of not using her superstar status for endorsements:


And George, if you’re out there, only Blue Barb can even pretend to take a knife onto an airplane.

9 thoughts on “Blue Barb Flies United Airlines

  1. bwa haha. I bet United will LOVE that endoresement. Nothing like a crazy knife-wielding doll on board your flight to make the folks flock to buy more tickets! ha.

    What an awesome surprise!


  2. Nancy

    Shoshanna. She of, “I don’t feel sorry for you. It’s your own fault for booking these tickets; you should have flown here yesterday and spent the night in a hotel to make sure you didn’t miss your flight,” fame.


  3. I don’t know what it says about my character, but I’d much rather have that refund than an apology. Maybe you could offer to get Blue Barb a new haircut and a pair of shoes with some of it.


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