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* My brother is getting married in a couple of weeks.  Yay for him!  He is getting married out in Utah, so I doubt I’m going to be able to make it.  Boo for me!  I want to go, really I do; but McH can’t take any more time off work right now, what with taking a couple of weeks off to go to Vietnam just a week after he started the job, and traveling that far by myself with five kids just doesn’t sound doable in my mind.  I don’t mean to be some weak ninny or anything, but we’ve kind of had a lot going on around here the last two months . . . a girl can only take so much, and I think I’ve taken all I can for a while.  Maybe that makes me a horrible person, but there it is.  Taking five kids on what is essentially a cross-country trip by myself just might do me in.

*Small town life is interesting.  Remember how I said I really want to take a picture of the auto body/shoe repair shop to show you I am not making it up?  Remember how I said I was afraid somebody might recognize me as the new person in town and wonder why I was taking the picture?  Good call me!  I went into “town” last weekend to get some gasoline and propane at the quickie mart (for the riding mower and the grill, respectively) and to get some plants at the hardware store (what?  isn’t that where you buy mother’s day flowers?).  The people I met already knew more about me and my family than the people we lived across the street from for the past six years (the people who, until about six months ago, didn’t realize Tank Boy existed — which is good because it means I wasn’t yelling at him nearly as loudly as I was afraid I was for all those months).  Anyway, the townsfolk knew what house I live in, they knew I homeschool my children, they knew the baby (who I took with me on the outing) was very new to our family, and, though I don’t think they are quite clear on our religion, they apparently know what town our church is in (’cause it sure ain’t this one).  Well, that was last Saturday.   Since then I’ve told our neighbors (who asked) that I went to Brigham Young University.  I’m sure the town has the religion part figured out now.  As weird as it was to go into town and find that people who don’t know me and don’t read my blog already know half my life’s story, it was also a bit comforting.  Like being a member of the Cheers gang.  Everybody knows your name.  Now if they’d all kinda raise their hands in greeting and shout, “E.!” when I walk in.

*Last week one of McH’s co-workers made some comment about those “Mormons” in Texas with all their wives and weirdness.  McH was explaining the difference to him between the LDS church and the Fundamentalist LDS church and the guy made some comment about Mormons being Mormons or something.  McH took a stab in the dark and asked him if he is Catholic (common in these parts).  The guy said yes.  So McH asked him how many little boys he’d molested lately.  Believe it or not, nobody hit anybody.  Actually, the guy understood his point, now believes that he only has one wife,  and the conversation went on amicably.  Only my husband could pull that off.

*Today I went back to where I came from to do some banking and shopping.  It was fun, but it was exhausting.  Tank Boy didn’t deal with it well.  The last time we went to Grandma’s house and it wasn’t for Sunday dinner he had a sleep over there while the packers were packing, and then we picked him up and took him home to the new house.  Not a good call on our part, I think, even though we told him and told him what was going to happen.  He must have double checked with me a million times yesterday, and today on the drive down, to make sure I was not going to leave him and Grandma and Grandpa’s house while running my errands.  At any rate, this trip with five kids just about did me in.  But at least I made it to Target.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is going to bed.

2 thoughts on “In the News

  1. Way to go on the religious battle! People are so narrow minded. 🙂 (I like to think I am not.) Watch out for that small town stuff… everybody knowing your name can become a true nightmare. If they know your name then they can certainly gossip about you. Yep, I grew up in a small town. I lay low and made it through but I saw some take quite a beating.
    Glad you like your new place and I don’t blame you one bit on the long trip/5 kids issue. You wouldn’t want to travel home in a straight jacket:-)


  2. My sister lives in a very small town, much like what you describe. I’ve walked around parts of her town with her and the whole thing about everyone knowing everything about everyone just creeps me out. Enough to where I have ignored her continued begging for the past ten years for me to move there to be near her. (*Well, that and the fact that her and her children are the entire Asian population in that town – and if I moved there my sister and her children and myself and my family would be the entire Asian and Latino and Buddhist population. Not feeling like those are good odds.*) 🙂

    Good on your husband for his response!


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