Adoption Annoyance

We just got back from our weekend at “home” and, of course, immediately checked our snail mail.  Don’t you want to see what you’ve missed while you’ve been away?

Well, what we missed was this:

“Agency Wins Coveted Hague Approval!”


This, of course, would be the agency we don’t like.  The agency we used to adopt our son from South Korea.  Make no mistake about it, we LOVE our son.  We just don’t love that agency.  I’ve talked about it before, so no need to rehash the past.

Let’s talk about the present instead:

You “won” the “coveted” Hague “approval”?

What?  Did you run a race?  Participate in an archery contest?  Did your director mud wrestle other agency directors for the prize?  Was it a double elimination tournament or what?  I’ve met a few different agencies’ directors, and I’d be damned if I’d want to see you all in Speedos and a vat of mud.  Also, while we’re at this question thing, what laid off National Enquirer hack did you get to write your newsletter “headlines”?

You didn’t win anything.  You qualified.  Plain and simple.  Maybe if families would report your unethical practice of having them sign blank medical waivers, or complain about the fact that you lie to them on the rare occasions you deign to communicate with them, you wouldn’t have qualified; but I can’t say for sure.  I don’t know what all of the requirements are for Hague Accreditation, so maybe honesty doesn’t matter, just spin.  At least you’re good at that.

Oh, wait, my bad.  No, you’re not.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt just “won” his dinner.

3 thoughts on “Adoption Annoyance

  1. Yeah I feel your pain. With the literal wording in the document that allows for accreditation as long as an agency is *mostly* in compliance, its a wonder any agency does NOT get accreditation. But it is pretty depressing to see some of the names on the list anyway.


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