Frog Farming

As I mentioned recently, I’m growing frogs.  Here is some evidence :


If you look closely you can see a good sized tadpole on the top left (of the rocks, that is, not of the entire picture) and a former tadpole, aka baby frog, on the top right.  There are other tadpoles in there hiding under rocks and stuff.  When they are all grown up they will look like this:


But, you know, not so blurry.  I need to change lenses to get a decent picture of a grown bullfrog.  They only let you get so close before they jump all the way under the water.

Then, of course, there are the toads:


It is worth noting that the rocks in this picture are of the same general size as the rocks in the first picture, just so you understand how miniscule this toad is.

Then there are the sleepy tadpoles:


They are joined in their slumber by Rat Dog (blending in nicely with the black chair behind Tank Boy) and everyone’s favorite cat, Jabba the Butt.  No, that is not actually her name, but it might as well be.

Then there is a picture I just had to take this evening because it is usually rather windy here and I have never seen our pond so calm:


Of course the wind isn’t the only thing that keeps the pond stirred up:


Okay, who’s the mom that got you that awesome squirt gun kid?  C’mon who?  Who?  That’s right, that’s right.  That would be me.  I rock, I know.  So does the dollar store, but that is a totally different issue.  (And yes, I have had to break up a few “sword” fights since bringing those squirt gun thingies home — so worth it).

There you have it, country living at its finest.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is hiding from the water weaponry.

10 thoughts on “Frog Farming

  1. I always loved the charm of the country mouse’s life and the excitement of the city mouse’s life, but alas, I’ve been stuck in the ‘burbs my whole life. I’m totally jealous of your lovely country living.


  2. Oh, I love the picture of the boys sacked out! And Jabba the Butt – that might be the greatest cat name ever, and it appears to me that she could about go paw to paw with a certain feline in my house…


  3. That is one large cat. Our old cat could have given Jabba the Butt a run for his money.

    Aren’t those squirt guns great? We purchased some this week too. We need to get a few more though. My boys didn’t think it was fair that I was armed with the garden hose…


  4. WOW, what a fun place to grow up!! Those giant frogs brought me back to my college years when I was dissecting giant Mexican toads in neuro lab and they were literally a foot long from head to toe.
    That water gun is sweeeeeeet!


  5. Man – I do love frogs. 🙂 We have some new froggy pets… fire bellies!!! I have been having a blast with the whole cricket and meal worm feedings. Those worms FREAK ME OUT! I am sure it is truly laughable to watch me with these creepy crawlies!


  6. Jabba the Butt! :>)…too funny! I’m going to have to head down to the dollar store and see if I can find me some of them there water guns. The girls could use some extra help in their water fights with the boys this summer! 🙂


  7. awww, all of that looks so peaceful and fun!! I can not grow frogs at all. Every time we have tried, I’ve killed them. My kids are lucky that apparently my brown thumb does not extend to humans.


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