The Quinn Essentials

He is not quite 14 months yet, so I’m not recording any of this because it’s a milestone type of day or anything.  I’m writing about it just because.  Just because I want to have a record of it for him.  Just because I don’t want to forget and not be able to bring it back. 

Here is what he is up to these days:

22 lbs.  This means he’s gained three pounds since his SOS clinic visit.  He’s still kind of small, and not ready to bust into the 18 month clothes yet, but he’s starting to get a little meat on his thighs (nowhere near what I have on mine though, thank goodness).

10 teeth.  I know!  It seems like just the other day that the seventh one popped through, and now he has seven fully-there teeth and three more that are through but still have some growing to do.

3 signs.  He has done the sign for more, the sign for eat (or “bites” as I tend to call it), and the sign for drink.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t do them with any real consistency but, then again, neither do I.  It’s hard, when you have five kids, to ever have enough hands free to do a sign as you say the word and get the required food/beverage to go with it.  Usually I have the baby in one arm and am using the other hand to get whatever it is he needs/wants, while simultaneously using whatever slightly free finger I may have to point to another child go somewhere, get something, do something, whatever.  (I promise it is never my middle finger.)  Anyway, so you see the problem with signing.

755,000.  That is the number of times each day I have to tell him not to hit or otherwise torture the little rat dog and/or one or both of the cats.  He has suffered at the hand of the law of natural consequences (ie cat claws) once, but no matter.  He shall not be deterred.  Luckily the cats and dogs have all been through this four times already and are rather (though not totally, obviously) patient with it.

5 words:  mamma, dadda, amen, night-night, and his own little barely distinguishable version of hello.  He says it every time he gets his hands on my cell phone, or any other small, rectangular something that he can hold up to his ear like a cell phone.

Lots of walking.  Lots and lots of it these days.  He now walks more than he crawls, and he is super duper proud of it, too.

He loves, loves, loves to take a bath; but he’s still not real thrilled with the whole swimming in the pond thing.  He especially dislikes the life vest we zip and buckle him into because, even though I never let go of him at all in the water, I am just that paranoid.  I never know when I might have to let go of him to go save some other drowning soul.  Yes, they all have life vests on.  Shut up.

Later I’ll throw up a password protected post with some Quinn pictures.  Right now he’s napping and the other kids are suited up, so we’re going out to play in the pond and clean spiders off all the windows on the back of the house.  This means, of course, the kids will be swimming in the shallow area with their life vests while I take a broom and the hose to all the spider webs.  It looks like we’re auditioning to be the new abode for the Munsters or something.

And George, if you’re out there, one of these days . . .

One thought on “The Quinn Essentials

  1. Tara

    It sounds like Quinn is doing great! He has already passed up Kai–she is almost 21 pounds at 18 months! Glad he is doing well!


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