6 thoughts on “Why Did the Weenie Win?

  1. Wow, that’s an amazing story. I’ve been steeped in Holocaust stories recently; emotionally exhausting but it’s nice to hear one with a positive-as-they-can-be-in-such-a-horrible-context side to it.


  2. rainbowmom

    Oh! Elaine thank you so much for that! I’d never heard that story. Yeah, the Prize doesn’t hold much weight in my book anymore. But, it hasn’t for some time. She most definitely deserved some type of reward, but as the commentator mentioned, she will receive a greater one.


  3. Wow!! That is all I can say. How can they justify giving that man that award when he was in the running against somene who had truly done good. I’m going to post this too, more people need to hear her story.

    I also read somewhere that President Bush had an energy efficient decent sized house built in Texas. Al Gore lives in a Mansion that uses more energy than five like mine or more.


  4. Ha, hah! I love how casually you call the man a weenie. I actually feel sorry for the guy, he’s got himself fooled over all this and as time goes by more and more of his theories are being blown out of the water…well, at least I feel sorry enough to call him a weenie.

    I remember at the time they awarded this her story was mentioned and I couldn’t believe it. The board really needs to look back at Nobel’s will and re-evaluate what it was he was trying to establish. This isn’t the first time they’ve picked something that really is out in left field (no pun intended.)

    Why did the weenie win? He won because the world simply is not what it used to be.


  5. Christina

    Yeah, that award means nothing and it’s just disgusting how it’s used to push political agendas when it could be used to shine a spotlight on an incredible woman like Irena. Thanks for sharing that, what a good reminder for all of us about what is truly important.


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