Afternoon Quickie

We just got back from a trip to the library and the post office.  I left all the kids in the truck (with the windows liberally cracked) because, *snort* this is the outskirts of Radiator Springs.  I have never gone into the post office to find more than one other customer in there.

Today I went in and there were three, yes THREE, customers besides me, for a total of FOUR customers.

The guy behind the counter said (and I am dead serious here):

I have never seen this post office so busy!

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says you want to mail out your Christmas packages from our post office this year.

8 thoughts on “Afternoon Quickie

  1. OMG that’s crazy. Our PO has more than 3 customers in it even when its closed! LOL By the way the ONE time I left the kids in the car to mail packages I totally forgot to affix the stamps, had to stand in line to have them dig out my packages all just minutes before the PO was going to close. ha.


  2. Okay, I had to read that twice because the first time I read it I thought it said you left the kids in the trunk. Phew! 4 customers sounds like a dream to me!


  3. My hubby works in a tiny little town & I always send packages with him to mail. The local PO is always packed but they generously provide germ infested crayons for the kids to suck on while you wait. I swear my kids always get sick after a quick trip to the PO.



  4. rainbowmom You live waaaay out there hun if there’s a jam at the post office and it consists of all of four people.


  5. Christina

    Our last PO was like that and I LOVED it. The woman at the desk knew my name and which PO box was mine and she’d grab my packages when she saw me in line before I even got to the front. And at Christmas the lines might get a little “long” (like 8-9 people) but everyone was so laid back and friendly it was never stressful. Sigh… I’ll miss that… Enjoy that little perk of Radiator Springs!


  6. Just wait until Christmas, they might open up a second window…that is if there are more than 10 people (total) in the building 😀 (but only until customer number 6 leaves and your back down to 9 in the building, then it’s back to one line, again.)

    Ahhh, the perks of small town life!


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