The Wheat Is Gone

When is the last time you saw one of these in your back yard?


Yeah, me too.  Until Monday, that is.  This bad boy showed up and, in less than half an hour, all the pesky wheat standing between me and my berries and cherries was g-o-n-e!  Yes, I can now just walk straight across to where I know the bounty is, rather than have to walk aaaaallllll the way around the wheat field and then hack through the weed trail that is the narrow space between the wheat and the trees/bushes/berries/cherries.

I called the kids to witness the grain carnage (because there will NEVER be wheat there again) and they thought it was just about the coolest thing ever.

McH is now on the brink of ordering the shed he wants, which is actually more of a barn at this point because, yes, I have agreed that if we have a place to house them, and if we have a pasture ready for them, and if we have the money for them, and if we can find a good deal, then maybe NEXT year we will get a couple of horses.

You see, for the almost 12 years we’ve been married now, I’ve heard over and over about McH’s horse.  The horse he had as a teenager and LOVED.  The horse his mother had to use as payment to the divorce lawyer.  The divorce lawyer who McH has a deep and abiding disdain for.  The man has wanted another horse for as long as I have known him (McH, that is, not the lawyer.  I don’t know the lawyer.  The last anybody heard of him he was on his way to the pokey).

And then there is L~, my middle daughter.  Unlike her older sister, she doesn’t read much.  Oh, she can read.  She can read very well, actually.  She just doesn’t like to.  Unless, of course, we are talking about her own personal copy of Cherry Hill’s Horse Care for Kids (or whatever the title is).  The girl is horse obsessed.  The truth of the matter is, at her age?  I was also horse obsessed.  Oh. my. word.  I wanted a horse.

So here I sit, wanting my husband to be happy (not that he’s some miserable, crotchety fool, stumping around the house grumbling about his need for a horse, but  you know what I mean) and wanting to give my little girl something I never got (which, yes, yes, I know, is what leads to spoiled, entitled children).

Whatever.  The Wheat is Gone!!!!!!!! (and please tell me I’m not the only one to hear Glen Frey singing in my head when I say that).

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

8 thoughts on “The Wheat Is Gone

  1. Since McH has had one before, that changes things. He totally knows what he’s getting into and honest to goodness caring for an animal can be really good for the kids. My sister still waxes poetic about shoveling manure. I, for one, am like your oldest…perfectly happy with a book no manure. (Hence the three-legged little dog that makes very little messes.)

    What I wouldn’t give for fresh fruits right now. Nothing in our county is ripening good this year except cabbage, potatoes, and the strawberries that are now a distant memory. Maybe I’ll head to some of the surrounding areas and find a u-pick place when I’m healed up.


  2. Actually, living in Kansas, I saw one in my virtual backyard last summer. And a few years ago we lived (literally) in the middle of a wheat field! 🙂 Glad you got to experience it.
    YEA! on the horses. How fun! 🙂


  3. Oh yeah, I have those in my backyard all the time. Oh, wait, that’s the ride on mower in the green area BEHIND my yard. Close enough. 🙂 Hopefully the stars will align and hubby will have his horse!


  4. aww, the horse will be totally fun!! That’s a cool tractor thingy – I bet the kids were excited! I have one of those non-reading readers and I would probably buy a horse if it meant that he would voraciously read too!!!


  5. That reminds me…Susie, my non-reading reader, has not looked up from her new series of books in three days. What’s she reading? First, Twilight, now New Moon. She’s hooked. If she likes them, they must be riveting. I guess I’ll be reading them as soon as I can find a copy in Large Print or my bifocals come in. Thought you’d like to know :).


  6. myminivanrocks

    Wow! My son thinks it’s cool when the garbage truck goes through our neighborhood. I can’t imagine how excited he would be if he saw that bad boy in our back yard.


  7. Horses? Hmm… I just don’t get it with the horses. I like to look at ’em grazing the the next door neighbors pasture… I like it when a storm is rolling in and they are running and whinying (in the neighbors pasture)… but I do not–and I mean DO NOT want any part of riding or feeding or even getting close to them!!! They scare me to death. Yep, the girl who catches frogs, turtles, bugs, — the one with rabbits, cats, dogs, and who knows what else I might drag up as pets. I DO NOT LIKE ‘EM HORSES! (That is Kan talk)
    Anyway, lots of people love’em horses and I say- Have a good time friend!


  8. Oh the memories! I grew up on a farm and saw those ALL the time no matter the time of the year. Glad to see the wheat out and cannot wait to see what you do with it!


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