Twilight Tuesday


No, no, I’m not going to start posting about Twilight every Tuesday, but I thought I would today, anyway.  I know I have “converted” several people out there, so I thought I share a few links that every Twi-hard will enjoy.  Even those of you who have read the books and not found them particularly addictive because you are dead inside will enjoy some of them.

First, of course, is the official Stephenie Meyer web site.  You know, it has typical stuff:  notes from the author, release date info., some pictures and other fun things.  But I just don’t find myself visiting that site nearly as often as I visit the official site for the Twilight movie.

Twilight The Movie has both the teaser trailer and another scene from the  movie.  If you go there and find yourself watching either or both of these video clips 5-10 times a day, yes, you need help.  NOBODY else ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET has ever done this.  Ever.  Nobody.  Just you, and you need help.  That’s right, I said nobody has ever spent that much time watching the Twilight movie clips, except maybe these ladies.

In all honesty, I really don’t spend much time on Twilight Moms, but that’s because I spend all my time blogging.  Even if you never go to this site again, you at least have to go check out the Twilight action figure saga.  If this doesn’t make you spew your beverage du jour all over your computer keyboard, then I really don’t know what will.  Also, there is a Twilight Moms’ adoption forum

Then, over at you can find all sort of things, from behind the scenes stuff to interviews with many of the actors.  Actually, for a while, MTV was doing a Twilight Tuesday bit every Tuesday.  Not sure if they still are.

Now, lest some of you think my continued ramblings about a teeny-bopper vampire romance series indicate that I am some lonely house-wife destined to be a crazy cat lady someday, I would like to invite all of my Twilight lovin’ readers (whether recent converts or long-time fans) to show your love and spread the word in the comments section on this post.

*Notice I did not invite comment from those who are dead inside.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

10 thoughts on “Twilight Tuesday

  1. May I mention, yet again, that you crack me up? Ok, I’m not dead inside, but I haven’t become a Twilight convert yet either. However you do have me quite curious and I will have to find a way to finally check this whole she-bang out! Does it help redeem me that every time I come across a reference to the series I think of you, and that if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have ever noticed it or thought twice?


  2. Teri

    I’m in need of going and getting the other books. I did enjoy the first one very much, thanks for causing me to have something new to obsess over!!



  3. OK, I’m one of your converts, and I’ll confess a mild case of obsession — mostly for the next book in the series; I’m more a “what happens next?? I must know now!!” than a “movies rule” kind of girl.

    I have to point out a flaw in your logic, thought — just because I and others might leave comments, thereby affirming our mild silliness, that doesn’t negate the fact that you may well be a “lonely house-wife destined to be a crazy cat lady someday.” The two do not correlate.

    Start collecting those kitties!


  4. lauren

    I am a convert – I checked out the books after you recommended them, and I loved them! It really is sad that it seems like my favorite books to read the last few years are written for kids or teens (Harry Potter, Lemony Snickett, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, etc), but that’s just how it is :). Can’t wait for the next one!


  5. Colleen

    Hi, My name is Colleen and I am a Twilightaholic.

    I must confess that I both love and hate you for exposing me to yet another guilty pleasure. As a matter of fact, last night I went to the Stephanie Meyer website and read all the deleted chapters. I actually read them… not listened to them on CD, so that right there should prove my love. I also watched the trailor multiple times. Ut oh! I think I’m already the crazy cat lady.


    PS – Mr. Vietnam Embassy Man, Please give me i600 approval before I decide move to Washington and change my name to Bella.


  6. Hey! I picked up my bifocals today which means I can start reading soon! Good thing, too, since there apparently isn’t a market in youth fiction for large print. Imagine. I should mention that it’ll be a while before I can actually read with my new specs. Right now the best I can do is sit with my eyes closed to try to stop the spinning and the urge to vomit. I’ll report back on your next Twilight Tuesday with a progress report.


  7. Erin

    You converted me too. When I was on vacation last week, I picked up the first two books and read them in about 2 days. I was desperate to get home and buy the third. When I went today to preorder the last book, the lady asked if I was going to come to their costume party to celebrate the release. When I told her I thought I might be too old for that, she told me she was planning on being there and I think she was around 60. Ok, sorry about that. Anyway, I can’t get enough of the story and will have to go check out your links.


  8. How I adore these wonderful books. It is like being in junior high. . . but not the awkward, spiteful, bad parts. . . just the crazy rush of feelings that everything is so intense, part. I call it the “8th grade feeling.” My sister told me about this series and I thought. . . “Um, vampires? Pass.” I am so glad she prevailed. I have the 4th book pre-ordered and can’t wait to see how it ends.


  9. Okay, I am coming out of comment obscurity to confess that you were also the one who converted me and the one I blame for my Twilight obsession. Sure, I have several other friends who recommended the books to me prior to my official conversion, but I don’t really consider any of them “literary” and was afraid I might be wishing for those precious hours of my life back. Well, once you started in on them I knew I would have to read them since you generally don’t waste your time reading fluff! I read all three of them over the course of three days, have reread them all once (I’m sure that the count would be higher if all of my books were not currently farmed out to others who I have roped in) and, of course, have the fourth book pre-ordered! Not to mention the fact that I have watched the movie trailer, movie scene, MTV interviews (all multiple times), read just about everything on the SM website, frequently peruse Twilight and have read all of the SM Q&A’s about 100 times. . . .it’s actually pretty pathetic! So. . . .THANKS A LOT!


  10. Mary

    Ok – I’ve gotten hook on reading your blog thru my friend, Colleen (my blooming rose) and yes – I purchased Twilight because you spoke about it. Since I was reading something else – my sister read it on vacation (in a day) and then HAD to buy the others in the series … I’m starting the 2nd book tonight! Thanks for getting us hooked and for always making me smile with your blog!


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