Thursday Randomness

*  In case this is some deep dark secret of which you weren’t aware, I felt I must share this:  hormones suck.

*  My oldest two kids (“They’re children, not kids!  You aren’t raising goats!”  So said the ever-so-slightly batty old lady in church years ago, over and over and over).  Umm . . . where was I?  Yes, my oldest two kids have been with my parents since Saturday.  I am missing them.

*  Speaking of the ever-so-slightly batty old lady in church years ago, she was notorious for being long winded (should I be hyphenating that, I can’t remember).  Even more long winded than I am.  Shocking, I know.  Anyway, somebody, who must have thought it would be a great joke, asked her to say the closing prayer in church one week.  McH set the stopwatch on his wristwatch as soon as she started.  As she finished up and the rest of the congregation was saying, “Amen,” he was saying (loudly), “Eight minutes and 20 seconds!”  Because, alas, that is how long she prayed.

*  It occurs to me I’ve shared that story with you already.  Maybe?

*  It also occurs to me that I now have a regular reader outside of my family who will know exactly about whom I am talking.  In fact, her husband may have even been the person to ask the aforementioned lady to say the prayer.  Well, please don’t hate me.  She was a dear soul, but she was ever-so-slightly batty.

*  Have I mentioned the suckitude of hormones already?

*  The baby can crawl up and down the stairs, but he won’t.  No, he insists on walking up and down the stairs, which he can’t.  Well, actually, he can go up pretty well holding on to the banister posts (what is the official name for those things?!?), but he’s not so good on the down. Unless you’re only giving points for speed of descent.

*  The baby is also loving the pond.  He wants to get out there and swim with the big kids.  He kicks his legs, wriggles his body, and does everything he possibly can to get me to just. let. go. already! so that he can join the kiddie fun in the deeper water.  That, of course, is when he doesn’t have any kind of life jacket on.  Put the flotation device on so that he can go join the kiddie fun in the deeper water and he won’t freaking let go of me.  Newsflash baby boy:  you can’t float and your legs are too short to be walking down the stairs.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Randomness

  1. Your baby sounds like my baby: very unaware of physical limitations and whatnot. Hope the hormone suckage passes. I’ve been having (real) hot flashes for the past two months and it’s killing me. My husband is now the one who has to wrap up in blankets at night. Pathetic (him, not me, of course).


  2. I vote for a hyphenated long-winded, but I’m known for my over-hyphenation.

    Hormones. Don’t get me started. I have middle-of-the-night-sheet-changing episodes thanks to the little buggers or the lack of them. I can’t remember which. Maybe my memory issues are hormonal, too, which may explain why I don’t recall your telling of the ever-so-slightly-batty-old-woman. It’s a good one though and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it the next time you retell it as well.

    I hate the combination of kids and stairs. Scares me to death. We’re in the process of re-doing the steps to our finished basement with a non-slip surface. For the record, I do not give points for speed of descent.


  3. The twins do the exact same thing with us in the water. Pu tthem in a floater and they flip out, no floater and it’s all you can do to keep hold of them. We finally found a float that looks like a car…that works about 50% of the time.


  4. Dianna

    Hormones. Don’t get me started. Try post-surgical hormones (note my impressive use of the hyphen) when half of your reproductive organs are gone. Well, actually 2/3. But the *%#& ovaries are still there kicking out hormones and my body has no idea what to do with them. So I sit around and cry. Maybe if I’d stop reading Elizabeth Berg and Lorna Landvik books….


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