What to Write About When There is Nothing to Say

Actually, I have plenty to say.  Plenty!  Could anyone ever doubt that?

But I can’t say it.  Well, technically, I suppose I could say it, but it probably wouldn’t be prudent at this time.  It would probably be in the best interest of key people (one of them being me, of course) for me to continue keeping my mouth shut and typing fingers still.  Though I do have a sneaking suspicion, given the timing of certain goings on, that An Entity was banking on me blabbing and blabbing and blabbing.  It would have given them a nice little “poster case” for Their Cause.  Whatever the heck it is.  I still haven’t figured that one out.

I also believe The Entity is probably reading my blog these days, though I don’t know for sure.  If they are, however, I would just like to say this:

Thank you for your last email answering my last question.  Interesting subject line; and I don’t believe you for a minute.  I was believing you, or at least the goodness of your intentions, whatever they may be, for the most part, until that email.  Load. Of. Crap.  Now I really don’t know what to believe.

Just my opinion.  But thank you for granting clearance to the lines of communication.  *Snort*

In other, less cryptic goings on (and please don’t ask about the cryptic ones, because I can’t/won’t answer):

Caffeine withdrawal.  Ugh!  I’m weaning myself off the diet Dr. Pepper, because it is time.  I’ve relied on it to get me through adoption stress and moving stress, and whatnot for far too long.  I need to figure out how to fit regular exercise into my life instead, and I need to eat better.  I am reaping the rewards of all this craptastic living and stress:  three migraine episodes last week.  Three!  I can’t live that way, and I know regular exercise and careful eating help.  Also working on eliminating stress factors from my life.  Some I can’t, but others I can, so out they go.  Bye-bye!

Anyway, the diet Dr. Pepper is gone, and I am now resorting to rationing the final can-and-a-half of diet Cherry Coke, which tastes like chemical laden chemicals.  So if my posts sound all Victorian and bleak for the next few days, no, I’m not clinically depressed and my corset isn’t too tight, I’m just coming down and readjusting to life without artificial mood enhancers. 

Now if someone could just throw my butt up on the treadmill and yell at me until I actually start moving, I’m sure I’ll be fine in a week.  Or two.  Just don’t blow any whistles, okay?  Or my first move will be to lunge off the treadmill and strangle you with my bare hands.  Withdrawal headaches,  you know.

I am hosting a church book club tomorrow (Thursday)  More about that on Friday.

Quinn now has 11 teeth.  He is either working on number 12 or getting the cold his older sisters have, because oh my gosh!  The boy is whiny today.  Since he is currently chewing on my couch, I’m going with the teething theory.

My oldest two kids have hacking coughs that really, really aren’t helpful to be around when going through caffeine withdrawal and the resulting headaches.  I know it’s not their fault they are coughing all over the place, but geeze!  Can’t they go do it in their bedroom rather than right next to my ears?

I accidentally bought pink swim diapers decorated with the Little Mermaid.  The only person in our family who wears swim diapers, of course, would be our youngest son, the couch chewer.  McH is now worried he will grow up to wear a Utilikilt.

And George . . .

10 thoughts on “What to Write About When There is Nothing to Say

  1. I’m sorry for the stress. Its a good idea to cut out the diet crap, hopefully it will help in surprising ways. I’m sorry but I laughed out loud about the church book club line. I don’t know why. forgive me. I think it had to do with the rest of your post. i’m just imagining how book club might go while you are stressed and withdrawing while your baby is chewing on the couch and your kids are hacking up a lung! You are one brave woman!


  2. rainbowmom

    Good idea to distress. I too, dear caffeine addicted sister, am weaning. IT SUCKS! My weakness is Dt. Mt. Dew. I’ve been trying to sip it warm because it tastes like chemical water when the chill goes away. I’m doing decaffeinated tea with sugar-free spiced cider ice cubes. It isn’t working. My goal is to be caffeine free by August. We shall see… But I have lost five pounds.


  3. Kicking the caffeine habit will help in the end, getting there sucks. My downfall was and still is a classic Coca-Cola. To this day (18 months later) I still crave one on occasion. If I give in to one, it isn’t long and I’m wanting another. Perhaps in another year I can say that I’m not wanting an ice cold Coke after a long day. Ok, I’m totally not helping your plight. Which, by the way, why is it that extended family can be one of the joys of your life as well as the bane of your existence?

    I have a pack of blue somewhere, perhaps we should trade?


  4. The best way to get on the treadmill is to Netflix Season 1 of Veronica Mars and put the treadmill in front of the tv. Then, you will not want to get off the treadmill because you will be so addicted to the show you will just have to keep watching (and walking). (Melissa will back me up on the addictive nature of Veronica Mars.)


  5. I hope the stressful situation is resolved soon. Um, I’m no help for caffeine weaning. I pretended to do that for a week. I’m pathetic these days, but I’m entirely certain I will die without it. So sorry about the migraines. They are without a dobut terrible and they make it impossible to do anything. As if you need me to tell you that. Take care of yourself.


  6. So sorry about all the stress – ugh, really ugh. I’ve given up on giving up caffeine because of the withdrawal – and that once I’ve given it up for a while (which I’ve done a number of times, even for months at a time) I can’t even have just one measly little can of something without being sucked into the abyss again. But the headaches during withdrawal, oh the headaches. Hope everyone starts feeling better at home, you included (and I must say the teething, oh the teething – ugh again). And I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, even when you’re stressed and frustrated you almost always give me a good laugh.


  7. I was really depressed when I read through this blog the first time. But then…the second time through, I rapped it, and it was awesome! Go sista! Word.


  8. I hope the stress of this situation is gone soon. And as for the caffeine, good for you, I don’t think I will ever be able to kick my diet coke habit…


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