Of Babies, Boogers, and Book Clubs

Every single one of my five kids now has The Cold.  Granted, the oldest two are pretty much getting over it, but the  youngest two, the boys . . . full-blown booger fest.  Midge is, predictably, somewhere in the middle.  I think it is not as noticeable with her because she is more apt to use tissues when needed.

I have had to send Tank Boy to wash his hands (rather than lick them) several times this morning; and remind him to wipe his nose with tissue, NOT his hands (which, yes, he licks clean if I don’t catch him first).   (I’m hoping he’s not in the delivery room when his future wife gives birth . . .  just sayin’).

Naturally I don’t expect Quinn, at almost 15 months old now, to go grab a kleenex, but that doesn’t mean I was prepared for just how much boogerage could be spread across an entire baby face and two baby hands in a matter of seconds.  And this is my fifth child!  But still, it was unprecedented.  And gross.  I almost took a picture to post.  I probably should have so it would distract you from the disturbing mental image painted by my last paragraph (and I swear I didn’t start out with the intention of doing that . . .)

Book club went well.  The book, like anyone is going to be surprised, was Twilight.  It hadn’t made rounds in my new congregation yet, but now I’ve got more converts, and Stephenie Meyer is making more money.

Anyway, there was at least one Team Jacob player in the group.  I don’t begrudge anyone their opinion, but I don’t get it.  Jacob?  Really?  Someone, please explain.  I don’t get the appeal of an emotionally manipulative juvenile, regardless of the body temperature issues.

I was going to take pictures of all the refreshments I served and see if you all could figure out what they were and how they related to the book, but I only got the picture of the cookies I posted yesterday (yes, Erin, vampires in the sun!).  So, instead, I’ll just bore you with the recounting of the refreshments:

1.  Sparkly, white “vampires in the sun” cookies, which I froze first, because Edward is cold.
2.  Twizzler BITES.  No explanation necessary, right?
3.  Baby BELLA mushrooms broiled in olive oil and GARLIC salt.  Even though we all know the garlic thing is just a myth.
4.  VIRGIN BLOODY MARYs.  Because, duh.
5.  Extra dark and caramel Hershey KISSES, because it’s safer to kiss Edward when his eyes are caramel colored, though even when they are dark Bella doesn’t care.
6.  CORN salsa, because you can’t tell people about these books without sounding corny.  “You really must read them!  What are they about?  Well . . . you know . . . they are kind of a love story with . . . well . . . there’s this teenage girl and . . . she falls in love with a . . . (cough, cough, muffle) vampire . . . and . . . just read them and trust me!”  And whoever you are talking to is thinking, “Trust you?  You just told me I should read a teeny-bopper vampire romance novel, you twit!”  So, yeah, lots and lots of corn salsa.

The last book comes out a week from tomorrow (which means a week from today I’ll be heading back to my former hometown for a midnight release party at a REAL book store).  So probably after next week I’ll stop boring you all to tears with my Twilight ramblings.  Until we get closer to the movie release, of course.

Remind me to post pictures of McH with his prison break hair and his new, improved Edward hair, which he has to keep until December.  Because he made me move.

I have to go wipe someone’s nose now.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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12 thoughts on “Of Babies, Boogers, and Book Clubs

  1. I think I need to start a celebrity trash magainze club, b/c that’s the extent of my reading lately and your book club sounds like fun! That mental image of Q is going to haunt me for a while, just so you know. Mattix has insane snot/boogers. Nothing like I’ve ever seen. It’s not even normal, really, what can come out of that little kid’s nose. Gross.


  2. I know that I already explained this once, but I see Edward as incredibly bossy/controlling. Take him out of the context of the romance novel and plop him into real life and you would think he was emotionally abusive. There’s other stuff, too, but that’s the biggest one for me (well, that and Oh.My.Gosh the repetitive descriptions of their relationship get tedious).


  3. McH

    You forgot the Nerds, the SweetTarts and the Scooby Snacks.

    For all you in bloggerland remember to vote that I look better with the prison break hair.


  4. rainbowmom

    yesterday my little one was on the couch next to me when I was reading your blog. she was allllll about the cookies. this morning when we got up she asked if I was going to make her some good white ‘fosting’ computer cookies. i knew exactly what she was talking about. they did look really good!


  5. Courtney

    Ok I must admit I’m totally intrigued by this “Twilight” book series. (BTW – I’m friends with Colleen and she has gotten me addicted to all these adoption blogs as well. She’s a bad influence that way…lol). I think I am going to have to go out and get a copy.


  6. I was wonderin’ about the gingerbread men. I even did a book search to find out what you might be reading, but all I came up with was juvenile fiction. I didn’t figure you and your new friends were hanging out in that area of the library. I really need to just read the books, but my new glasses never stopped making me sick. I’m waiting on new lenses, but I’m thinking I just need to pick up some magnifiers and get to it.

    And I have that cold, too! I even broke down and bought a neti pot. It seems to be helping with the congestion, but my family has been insufferable. Since I have a collection of tea pots, they’ve been asking if I’m going to start collecting ‘snot pots,’ too. They can make fun, but they’ll be begging for one of their own after I spread my virus around. On accident, of course.


  7. Sounds like you are a fantastic book club host! And now I’m intrigued by the “Twilight” book series. Hope the boogerfest loses some its momentum.


  8. Very funny snacks. I’ve been thinking of you often these days as ads for/references to the Twilight series are just EVERYWHERE now. I think the next one might be the first book I buy for my new toy, Amazon’s Kindle.


  9. You broke me. I finally bought the first Twilight book. Well, actually, I had told my husband that it was a good book and he got the book on tape and about halfway in he told me something along the lines of – it’s a girl book; go read it. 🙂

    I haven’t cracked it open yet, but soon.


  10. Okay, so I finished reading the first book by 3 am last night. . .and I’m going to Target after work to buy books 2 and 3 (since I didn’t buy them when I bought book 1 because I didn’t know if I would want to read the next book). . .

    I do like the book. I’m having issues with the lack of description (not that you personally have anything to do with that or can control that – but you are the only person I’m going to tell that I’m reading a YA vampire romance novel so I might as well tell you my problem with it). I did used to read a ton of fantasy books when I was a teenager and this is a total throwback to those days. I would have long ago devoured these books over and over when I was younger. It almost makes me want to read those books again.


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