Mormon Monday: The First Article of Faith

We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost.

I know this belief is pretty central to most Christian religions, but I also know that there are at least two different versions of it:  the Godhead, wherein God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are viewed as three separate and individual beings who are one in purpose; and the trinity, wherein they are believed to be three incarnations of one being.

Hmmm . . . I was just double checking the accuracy of that last paragraph, and apparently there are other versions as well:  Binitarianism, Unitarianism, and Oneness.

At any rate, we believe that God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost make up the Godhead.  We believe they are three separate, distinct beings who are one in purpose.   They are individual beings who work together.

Obviously I am speaking as one member of my church and not on behalf of the church as a whole, but,with that said, I have always found it interesting that our church functions on many levels following the pattern of the Godhead.  We are lead by a prophet who has two counselors (three people with one purpose).  On a more local level we are lead by a Stake President who has two counselors.  On an even more local level we have a bishop or branch president with two counselors.  It is the same for all of the auxiliaries:  primary, Relief Society, Sunday School, the youth programs.  From the top down to the very local levels of each auxiliary, there is a president and two counselors.

I have had the blessing and privilege of serving in many different presidencies as both president and counselor, and I have a testimony of the divine inspiration behind organizing the church this way, a way I interpret to be patterned after the Godhead.  It works.  Three people share the responsibilities and goals of an organization, and they work together to achieve those goals and meet those responsibilities, but they do it by sharing the load.  Individually they are responsible for various aspects of the organization, but they work together for the organization as a whole.  Together they set goals and make plans, and then each goes out to implement those plans within his or her sphere of responsibility.  It works.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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4 thoughts on “Mormon Monday: The First Article of Faith

  1. OK, totally not related to Mormonism but this post sparked in my mind because I’ve been thinking of trinities, triangles, etc. recently in the context of Lucy being an only child (or: will she be an only child?). I remember my aunt, mother of an only child, telling me “triangles are the most stable shape.”

    Anyway, as I said really not connection but just thought I’d write. Not sure why.


  2. Nice post. As a convert of 25 years, I just want to comment that the Articles of Faith all made (and still do) perfect sense to me. I love the phrase “the Eternal Father” because it’s beautiful and because it reminds me that our natures are divine.


  3. You know, re-thinking my comment…I think it might have been offensive that I just dismissed the point of your post and babbled on about myself. I’m sorry, if it was.


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