A Looking For George First

I am going to show you photos.  Without a password.

By viewing these photos (without a password) you are taking upon yourself the solemn obligation to vote.  Yes, vote!  I will watch my stats.  I will know.  I will hunt you down if you don’t vote.  It will be easy, with my vampire husband and all . . .

Anyway, the future of said husband’s hair depends upon you, my reading . . . umm . . . public?  Here are your choices:
















Prison Break Hair??????                                                 Or                  Vampire Hair???????

Again, your  choices are:

prisonbreakhair vampirehair1
Prison Break hair?                                                            Vampire hair?

Remember, no matter which hairstyle you choose, he is stuck with vampire hair until Dec. 13, regardless.  But still, the world is waiting for your opinion.  Prison Break hair (my word, I think that was his passport photo!  Can you believe Vietnam let him in)?  Or vampire hair?

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is too busy waiting to count votes.

Edited to add:  the prison break photo is NOT a passport photo, per se.  It is just the photo I believe we used for his passport.  I took that photo, just as I took the vampire hair photos.  So there.  Hmmm . . . I can’t figure out how to make a smiley sticking its tongue out . . .

Also, for the vampire hair photo?  There is no product in his hair and it took me all of 30 seconds to run my fingers through it (which, yes, was enjoyable) and get it to look that way.

93 thoughts on “A Looking For George First

  1. Wow. He must really feel guilty about making you move. Sean would have told me to pound sand two inches and three pounds of product ago. And I wouldn’t have blamed him.

    Sorry, Elaine (and Matt!!!). He looked way better before.


  2. I prefer Vampire hair. My hubby can’t stand it when his hair does the tiniest curling around the ears so I’m a little envious that you can get yours to actually grow his hair out longer than a half inch.


  3. lauren

    Vampire Hair! Vampire Hair! My husband always has to have short hair so anytime somebody else’s husband can do longer, I say go for it!


  4. What a cutie either way. How hot must YOU be with a hub who looks like that??? WOW! Let’s see YOUR picture- LOL!

    I say Prison Break hair. He has that whole dark and mysterious FBI agent thing going on. But a hottie is a hottie, sweetie- who the heck cares about the hair?


  5. Karla

    I love short hair on a man, the shorter the better. . . but I must vote for the best look for McHubby. My dear friend it must be vampire. . . (but maybe not so long in the back : ) )


  6. Colleen

    I feel so bad that I am about to do this to you …. PRISON BREAK HAIR.

    I am so so sorry. BUT….. I have odd taste. So in realityif you are looking for a good taste vote, you should count my vote as Vampire hair!

    WOW… I think bald is sexy… I mean COME ON!!! Homer Simpson, Mr Clean, Guard from Night Court… they don’t do it for you??? Geeze, bald is beautiful!


  7. Vampire. Definitely vampire. Any guy can have prison break hair, but it takes a real cutie to pull of vampire hair. And I have to say…he is a cutie! 🙂


  8. This is a trick question because there is only one right answer: Vampire Hair. Anyone who tells you Prison Break Hair is jealous and trying to keep you from living your Vampire dream. Don’t fall for it!

    Sigh. If only my hubby wouldn’t look like Gallagher if he tried to grow his hair. I could change my perspective a little and maybe he’d look like Sean Connery. Yeah. Sean Connery. I’m going to go now and hide his trimmers.


  9. Nancy

    No question about it – prison break hair. Neat, clean , masculine, etc. It’s him.

    It looked okay growing out at first, but now? Meh.


  10. metaphase

    I know you love the vampire, but I must say Prison Break Hair. The other just reminds me of “Pop Goes My Heart…” a little bit, did you see that movie?


  11. Ashley

    Prison break. I know one thing for certian, it takes longer to do vampire hair than prison break. From a guy’s perspective, I might get a little tired of trying to making it look right everyday.


  12. Melanie

    I think Matt looks like a model with vampire hair. What I know from Nancy about Matt, the prison break hair matches his personality better.


  13. Wow! I have only ever seen him with Prison Break hair and I am shocked by how different he looks with vampire hair! Wow! That being said, my vote is for vampire hair all the way! Now, please tell me your secrets. . . getting Richard to keep his hair “longer” is like pulling teeth!


  14. Rhonda

    Vamp Hair- of course!!! We want to see pictures with it styled and dyed. So are these comments inflating his ego? He’s got to be loving the “mysterious FBI agent” one!


  15. tksthoughts

    Vampire Hair – very stud muffinish!
    On a side note, you make the smiley face with the tounge using the key before the one (hold down the shift key) :)~


  16. Wow. Your husband has hair? Cooool. I vote for the Prison cut, or what I like to call High and Tight (I married a Marine, of course). But VH looks nice too.


  17. Vampire Hair is definitely appealing. He looks poetic. Prison Hair IS MHusband, though. I’ll go with PH. Stone walls do not a prison make; nor long hair a vampire.


  18. Molly

    Prison break hair or Brad Pitt hair? hmmmm. I think someone said something about him looking like a handsome and mysterious FBI agent. I totally agree.


  19. Dianna

    Oh, seriously there is just no contest – Vampire Hair!!!

    As a side benefit, I think you could set up a carnival-type attraction in your front yard, offering ladies the opportunity to run their fingers through the Vampire Hair at…. say…. $5 a pop and recoup some of the moving expenses. Just sayin’.


  20. What a good sport he is. I like ’em both for different reasons. Prison hair is definitely easier to “do”…cause the style-jobby you did with your fingers (nice!) probably wouldn’t hold up on the go-go without some additional product or handling. It’s uncommon for guys, in my limited experience, to get into lots of handling. And he does have that “I’m a stunt double for Brad Pitt” look going on there. But I do love the Vampire look. It smolders. And the way he looks at the camera…lawsy mercy I do hop it was YOU standing behind it!

    Excuse me now while I go find my husband…


  21. andrea

    prison break hair – totally hot, very tough, smoldering

    As for the vampire hair, I think it makes him look younger (too young in my opinion) and more feminine.

    prison break – whoa. I’m going back to stare some more.


  22. Cristyn

    Normally I’m partial to short hair on men, but the Vampire Hair is incredibly handsome!! You have one of the twenty or so men in the entire universe who look good with longer hair, so go with it!! I vote for Vampire Hair!


  23. myminivanrocks

    I think he’s a hottie either way, but my vote is for vampire hair.

    Does he read your blog? He’s not gonna get a big head from all of these comments, is he?


  24. Brandy

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like the Prison Break hair. He looks David Beckham-ish. But definitely Vampire hair until the movie!!!


  25. Dayle

    Oh he has to go with the vampire hair!! He can always shave it off after the movie. If he cut it now, he would deny you that opprotunity of having a vampire escort her to Twilight!!

    I’d ask my hubby to do it, but he’d just laugh at me and I’d never hear the end of it!!


  26. Helen

    Oh my, vampire hair in the obvious choice. I am hoping you die it just the right shade come December! However, for the long term I don’t think your hubby will keep it. Face it, how many men will actually take the time each day to perfect the tostled (? spelling) look. But he does look mighy handsome!


  27. Prison Break hair. It is H…O…T… HOT!

    Now I’m a bit embarrassed, gushing about your husband and all, so I’m gonna leave now.


  28. rachel

    When my husband and I were first dating, he had Vampire hair, but he’s in the Air Force now so it’s Prison Break hair all the way. I miss the old hair so I thought I would vote for Vampire hair before seeing the pictures, but I’ve gotta go w/ Prison Break.


  29. I’m so glad you left a post on my blog so that I could visit yours and get to vote. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog in which readers get to vote for the hair style of the author’s husband. How fun and quirky…very original!

    BTW, I vote for vampire hair. Oh yeah.


  30. Vampire hair! He looks hot both ways, but go for the long hair. My husband had gorgeous, wavy hair like that but always wanted to keep it short too. Now he’s pushing 50, and it’s getting too thin on the top to look good long. I don’t know if McH will lose his hair when he gets older, but just in case, while he’s got it he should flaunt it!


  31. ladybugsmama

    How did I miss this?
    I agree with whoever said muy caliente, lol!
    vampire hair–no contest (my husband has prison break hair and would look silly with vampire hair…but mch can pull it off!


  32. Ok I’m not sure how I missed this post last month! Prison Break hair, the vampire hair looks a little backstreet boyish or something. But I like the rugged look myself.


  33. I feel like I’m so out of touch with my bloggy friends and obviously it’s getting to me. Eli woke me up at 4 in this morning with a tummy ache and I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was irrationally consumed with whether or not McH still has his vampire hair since the movie opens this week. Oy. I’m clearly not as well as I pretend to be during normal daytime hours.


  34. Melissa

    My hubby prefers to keep his hair super short too – he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t like to bother messing with his hair every morning – plus he gets hot really easily and extra hair just adds to that. I think he looks sexy no matter what his hair looks like, though, so I let him wear it however he is most comfortable 🙂

    That being said, McH looks sexy with both hair styles, so I think you should let him choose for himself 🙂 Nothing is sexier than just being able to be yourself and be comfortable!!


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