What’s Up With My Stats?

Either a lot of you keep coming back to check the vote count on the prison break vs. vampire hair issue (which is just fine, of course, and vampire hair is currently leading), or a lot of you keep coming back to ogle at and drool over McH (which I would say is creepy, except that he is a smidge hot, no?), or a whole freaking lot of people are just coming to read my blog, my non-password-protected photo post, and not holding up their end of the bargain by voting (which is decidedly not okay).

So, if you haven’t already, go to the last post and V-O-T-E!  If you want, tell your friends and family to vote.  I don’t care.  Just vote as if your life depends on it.  Well, as if my life depends on it.  Okay, okay, as if his hair depends on it.

But let’s just clarify a thing or two:

1.  I’m not asking which hairstyle fits his personality better (if you happen to actually know him), I’m asking which hairstyle you find more attractive on him.

2.  Ummm, okey dokey, I guess we only needed to clarify one thing, not two.

Now, go vote (not on this post, on the last one please).

And thank you to all those who have voted.  Remember, here at Looking for George, your vote counts!

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