Hair Vote Current Tally

First, I really want to say thank you to all those who have participated in our hair vote.  McH and I, and a couple close friends, have really been having a good time with this, cheering as the vampire votes come in and booing as the prison break votes appear.  Well, okay, McH has been cheering and booing in the opposite manner, but you get the idea.  Thank you for contributing to our fun.  If you haven’t yet seen that post and/or haven’t yet voted, feel free to go vote.  I may even link it up on the sidebar, because the comments are just fun to read.

So, along those lines, before I give you the current tally, I thought I’d take a minute and respond to some of the comments:

You are one LUCKY woman!!
Believe me, I know it.  He really, really does hate having long hair, but he’s growing it for me since I had to move.  We all know his hair length doesn’t change the fact that we moved, and it doesn’t alleviate the difficulties that moving presents to me, but he is just that kind of guy.  He is doing it for. me.  Until the movie comes out, anyway (which, we found out last night, is now going to be Nov. 21 rather than Dec. 12, so he is rather stoked).

How hot must YOU be with a hub who looks like that???
Someday I will post a non-password protected picture of me as well, and you will be sorely disappointed.  For those of you who have read the Twilight books, you will totally understand when I say it really is a Bella/Edward thing.

Anyone who tells you Prison Break Hair is jealous and trying to keep you from living your Vampire dream. Don’t fall for it!
Gina, just tell me when and where to make the drop and my first born is yours.

I know you love the vampire, but I must say Prison Break Hair. The other just reminds me of “Pop Goes My Heart…” a little bit, did you see that movie?
No, I never saw that movie.  Actually, I’ve never even heard of it.  Probably a good thing?

Vampire Hair! I’m voting twice. It’s that important.
And my second born.

Now, please tell me your secrets. . . getting Richard to keep his hair “longer” is like pulling teeth!
1.  Make it abundantly clear before you ever marry your husband that you hate, hate, hate moving.
2.  Move.
3.  Cry

I say Prison Break hair. He has that whole dark and mysterious FBI agent thing going on.
I think someone said something about him looking like a handsome and mysterious FBI agent. I totally agree.
To paraphrase Dorothy: Scarecrow(s), he loves you best of all.  McH would LOVE to be in the FBI.  He has looked into it many, many, many times.  But, as I mentioned above, I made it abundantly clear that I hate moving.  Were he to join the FBI, we would be at the mercy of our government as far as where we live and when we move.  I know all you military wives are rolling your eyes at me, but we all have our limitations and that is mine.  I can’t live that way.  Not to mention, we would take a phenomenally huge pay cut for him to join the FBI now.  We would have taken a big pay cut even if he’d joined back when he was first seriously looking at it.

As a side benefit, I think you could set up a carnival-type attraction in your front yard, offering ladies the opportunity to run their fingers through the Vampire Hair at…. say…. $5 a pop and recoup some of the moving expenses.
Now there is an idea . . . !  Actually, we got a very good moving package so there isn’t much by way of moving expenses that need recouped, but I am redoing our bedroom, and the bedding is expensive, and I’d like to get a new bed . . .

And um, not for nothing, but your husband is a hottie!
McHusband is quite handsome
What a cutie!!
Totally a McHottie McHubby
What a cutie either way.
But a hottie is a hottie, sweetie- who the heck cares about the hair?
And I have to say…he is a cutie!
very hot indeed.
I think Matt looks like a model with vampire hair.
Very handsome, indeed.
I’m going back to stare some more.
Very hot!!
I think he’s a hottie either way
See, I’ve been telling him this for  years!  Anyway, as I was saying, a new bed . . . one with curtains . . .

Does he read your blog? He’s not gonna get a big head from all of these comments, is he?
Yes, he does read my blog, but no, he’s not going to get a big head from all of the comments.  Actually, the timing on all this was pretty great.  You see, the day I posted the hair photos he’d had a pretty stressful day at work.  On top of all of the regular stress stuff, he met a man at work he’d never met before.  Said man started off the meeting by saying, “So, you’re the new IT manager?  Where’d they put the rest of you?  You’re just a little feller, aren’t you?  Bet you got beat up a lot as a kid.”   So all the comments made him feel better.  And probably helped save said man’s life.

Now, drum roll please . . .

I haven’t hired an accounting firm to validate anything, but if my calculations aren’t incorrect (and if they are someone in my family will undoubtedly let us all know (and if it’s my younger brother he’ll also send me a bill for his services)), the vote count so far is Vampire Hair 36 (I subtracted two for the people I know voted twice) and Prison Break Hair 25.

I’ll post photos of McH fully costumed for the movie release party in November and photos of him the day after the party when all of his beautiful hair is again shaved off.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt wishes he had vampire hair.

8 thoughts on “Hair Vote Current Tally

  1. metaphase

    So the movie is actually, “Music and Lyrics” with Hugh Grant playing a somewhat washed up ’80’s pop artist, and his big song was “Pop Goes My Heart”. It’s funny, so you should see it sometime when you looking for some chick flick-y kind of movie..


  2. I’m surprised prison break hair has so many votes, but then I have a thing for longer hair. 🙂 I’m lucky my hubby likes having slightly longer hair.

    I do have to say that is super sweet that he’s doing that for you. Awwww.

    We need to move so that I can cash in on some hubby love – oh, does it count if I want to move too?


  3. I think your hubby is a sweetie. You hang on to him. And those people he works with? They’re awful, mean people. Did they really call him a ‘little feller’? Doesn’t ‘IT manager’ mean anything to them? Do they know what he can do? The power he has? Sheesh. I hope he lets them live in fear.


  4. Hmmm. As much as I’d love to take your first and second borns, I’m out of bedrooms. Instead, would it be too much to ask for a lock of McH’s hair after you let him shave it off?


  5. Firstly, I second the suggestion you watch “Music and Lyrics.” It was really funny.

    Secondly, it’s not really a Bella and Edward thing ladies. Elaine is beautiful! And a good writer. There’s no justice in the world. 😀


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