Bring It On

Things I was supposed to be doing:

  1. Going to the hardware store for drywall mud and another paint roller
    Check!  And the best part about going to the hardware store is that I can leave some kids at home and just take a princess walkie talkie to communicate with them, should the need arise, while I am gone.  Ahhh, small town life.  Funny thing is, at least one of my neighbors said she loves living out here in the country and would never want to live back in town again.  Town, would be the neighborhood right around the hardware store.  I can communicate from the hardware store back to my house with princess walkie talkies.  Think about it.
  2. Mudding nail holes and painting my bedroom
    Check!  I got some kind of lightweight spackle I’ve never used before.  On the container there is a warning that the product shouldn’t be inhaled.  I thought, “Wha?????”  Then I opened it and, OH MY WORD!  It looks like whipped cream frosting!  I DID want to inhale it!
  3. Mopping my kitchen floor
    Not So Much.  Doesn’t it make more sense to do this right before the step-father shows up tomorrow anyway?  Otherwise I’d just have to do it twice.  It’s not like anyone is eating off the floor anyway.  Seriously, today.  I’ll do it today.
  4. Cleaning all three bathrooms from top to bottom (though I did hit two toilets and the tub and shower in my bathroom last night)
    Not So Much.  It’s on the agenda for today
  5. Getting the spot out of the white living room carpet where one of the cats yakked up a hairball
    Oh Frap!  We rarely go in the living room, and I forgot all about this!  Frap, frap, frap!  Must go find chemicals NOW!
  6. Organizing our school space in the basement and getting it set up so we can start school on Monday
    Yeah Right.  My nerdy oldest daughter is down there doing school right now just because she wants to.  Obviously it’s organized enough to start, just not enough for me to be comfortable spending the better part of the next nine months down there.  I’ll put the minions to work on it after A~ finishes some history.
  7. Cleaning all of the miscellaneous crap that we don’t know what to do with since we moved off of the pool table
    What?  This is actually part of organizing the school space, since the pool table is in the rec room with the school stuff.  Don’t know why I made these two separate items.  Drama much?
  8. Cleaning up my kitchen desk area
    Umm . . .
  9. Grocery shopping
    Check!  I now have enough meat to feed about 150-200 people and get the Peta folks throwing fake blood on my house.  So, no more worries about how many people to plan for.  I mean, I still have no idea how many people are coming, but I think I’m covered, so bring it on!  I’ll get the buns on Saturday.
  10. Laundry — I need my “La Push Cliff Diving Team” t-shirt to be clean for book club tonight
    Check!  For that load, anyway.  I mean, can you really ever check off laundry?  Is it ever really done?  I. think. not.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is grabbing the mop.

13 thoughts on “Bring It On

  1. Are you serious about the princess walkie talkie thing? And how would one figure that out? It’s hilarious though! Ok, to me it sounds like you’ve got a ton done already! At least no one will go hungry, as long as they have food they won’t notice the rest…


  2. McH

    We plan on locking all the doors but the garage door access to the bathroom with gates up to block off the rest of the house, so they will only notice what they can see from there. L~ came up with the idea of using the Princess walkie talkies


  3. I used walkie-talkies when we lived in small town Kansas too. I loved it. I also used to send one with Alek when he would go on bike rides with his friends. That way I could get in touch with him whenever I needed to. The darn thing pretty much covered the entire town. Now…not so much. I second your neighbor’s comments. I don’t think I would trade small town life for in-town any day. But, then again, I just did that didn’t I?!
    BTW – You’re doing a much better job on tackling your ‘to do’ list than I am. I don’t know if I’m brave enough to post mine.


  4. Hmmm…that sounds like the same spackle us city slickers bought yesterday. Sean made me pick up the container to see how much it felt like “marshmallow fluff” in there. I didn’t see the stuff, though.

    I guess it most have done the trick–part of my “to do” list today is washing the walls of our new room so they can be primered tonight.



  5. Christina

    Great progress! I always put off cleaning bathrooms and kitchen floors to the very. last. second. before company comes because they just get messed up again 3 seconds later. (seriously – it’s like a law in this house that if the floor has just been mopped someone MUST spill something sticky on it immediately!)


  6. I tried checking laundry off my list. Once. Didn’t go so well. You know it’s bad when a five year-old boy complains his underwear is all dirty. *hangs head*


  7. Colleen

    My to do list consitst of sending out thank you notes for my shower. It was a month ago and I still haven’t done them. You have inspired me. My labor day resolution is to get them all out!!!



  8. Yes, I cleaned. I hung a picture, a coat rack and a crest with swords. Reassembled the bed. I took the recycling to the recycling center. Picked up some of the mess in the garage. Picked up sticks in the yard.



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