How’s That for a Segue . . . umm . . . Segway

I know, I know.  You are thinking, “That woman lives the life!  Hot husband, 1/3 acre death trap pond in the back yard, and now Segways????”

But, alas, the Segways are not ours.  They belong to the step-father who is visiting for the weekend.  He was kind enough to haul them all the way across the country so all the various grand kids he has been visiting on this road trip could play on them.  Not that we adult haven’t been playing on them as well. 

What can I say?  These things are soooooo cool.  And I’m thinking maintenance would be easier than for, say, a couple of horses.

Also?  Anyone who comes to our cookout on Monday is going to get to ride them!  Yep, volleyball and swimming in the backyard and Segways in the front.  How cool is that?  I’m sure the town will be talking for months.

(Seriously, we’d only had them out front for less than half an hour yesterday before a neighbor from across the street called to ask if we wanted some tomatoes and, by the way, “What are those gadgets you have out there?”).

For those who didn’t get the White and Nerdy reference in yesterday’s post (which, yes, was dangerously close to being password protected because I am. that. paranoid), I give you this link.  I wanted to embed the video, but Weird Al has had that disabled.  In the event the link doesn’t work, go to You Tube and search under White and Nerdy.  Make sure you watch the one posted by alyancovic. 

I’m trying to convince McH that we should make our own version of that video this weekend.  The kids can be rolling on the Segways while he dances in the background like Donny Osmond.  He’s not digging the idea, but I promise to share the video should I actually convince him.

Don’t hold your breath.  Unless you like passing out.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

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14 thoughts on “How’s That for a Segue . . . umm . . . Segway

  1. Oh, wow, I was kidding about Don bringing them. I knew he HAD that kind of money, but I didn’t think he SPENT that kind of money. Cool. Should be fun to try out.


  2. I think Step-father must be rather cool to bring those for the kids to play with. And I would LOVE to see your version of that music video – I might even pay good money for that!! 🙂


  3. Hehee. I *love* White and Nerdy. So much that I downloaded it from Itunes. And nearly wet myself restraining my laughter when someone’s ringtone at work was “Ridin’ Dirty” (the original song) and all I could think was “I’m nerdy in the extreme – whiter than sour cream.” lol


  4. I didn’t get the reference in the first post but thought it was cute, once I watched the video (twice) I was cracking up and practically crying. Please, McH, do the video, you’ve got the perfect hair to become an international video star and it would be my go-to picker-upper on any and every bad day I ever have again!


  5. metaphase

    I hadn’t seen that video, but since hip hop is my dirty little secret love, I liked the song a lot. (I like the original, too.) Since my husband graduated from MIT, it made it especially funny. (and more fun to tease him!)


  6. Oh Lordy. Just checked out the White and Nerdy. I’m still laughing, but I must tell you that Al is my husband (minus the hair and braces). YIKES!!! I think I’ll pass this one around. Too darn funny.


  7. thebenshow

    I WISH I didn’t get that reference… My husband actually took me to see Weird Al a couple of years ago and it seems almost daily I will hear some song I like and he’ll launch into the weird al version…


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