Taken Care Of

Remind me some day to tell you all about the home teaching program our church has, and our wonderful home teacher.  And you know those missionaries in their white shirts and ties riding around on bikes and knocking on your door?  That’s not all they do.  Today, for instance, two of them, along with the home teacher, dug a dog grave.  So the next time they knock on your door and you really aren’t interested, please be extra kind to them anyway.  You don’t know what they might have been doing just hours earlier.

Now, laughter through tears is my favorite emotion:

Thanks R~!

12 thoughts on “Taken Care Of

  1. Awwww- that’s so sweet. I’m glad they could be there for you, and were willing to help. Also glad it’s taken care of now so you won’t have to keep looking outside and seeing the poor thing. Again, I’m so sorry for your loss.


  2. sniff.

    Although I have to say now I will always think to ask “Where you digging a dog grave earlier?” which probably will be met with some quizzical looks! ha.

    Sorry, lame attempt at humor at a sad sad time.


  3. I’m sorry to hear about your Dog, they can really become a member of the family. Nothing like having some guys in white shirts dig a grave for you though. I like that you have home teachers who care. It makes me want to try harder.


  4. J

    ok, I came to comment right after I watched the video and now I am forgetting why you wrote this post in the first place… I guess that is kind of the point of the video, huh?

    thinking of you guys…


  5. You gotta love people–friends and strangers–who walk out their faith. It’s wonderful they found you yesterday to give you help and comfort. You guys are in my prayers.


  6. Gina,
    Actually, the missionaries came because I called the home teacher and he called them to come along and help. However, had they just been going door to door and found me in my predicament yesterday, they still would have dug the grave. They are great that way!


  7. So sorry about your dog. It is amazing how pets can entwine themselves around your heart. Our dog recently had to have a growth removed from his back and it was funny to see how the kids kept texting me from school to see how he was doing.

    I’m glad your home teacher and the missionaries were there to help dig the grave. I had amazing home teachers when I was going through my divorce. It really is a wonderful program.

    Take care.


  8. E.
    I’m so very sorry for your loss! I hopped over here to “borrow” the link to your McH Hairdo post and found this. I’ve been without my computer that has all my feeds on it, so I haven’t been checking in as regularly. I’m really sorry for what you had to endure when you couldn’t get the dog up and inside. That must have been awful! Your family will be in my prayers and I’ll give our elderly sheltie an extra hug today! 🙂


  9. Carissa

    So glad to hear that you were able to find some help and that they totally understood. I will remember to be nice next time I see them!


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