Hot does not equal sensitive.  Just so you know.

McH came home from his business trip much earlier than expected today.  No sooner had he walked in the door than he was ushering the family out the door to go visit a German Shepherd breeder about an hour away. 

Seriously.  No asking were the St. Bernard is buried, no consoling hugs for the family that had to deal with the death and burial of a beloved pet in his absence.  Just a silent, though ill-concealed “Yee-haw! I’m getting a German Shepherd now!”

So a grudging welcome to the newest, insanely overpriced, member of our family:

Rude (pronounced Rudy)

Though the spelling of his name seems quite apt, all things considered, it is changing.  Not the spelling.  The entire name.  Pu-lease!!!!  Rudy???

I get naming rights since I didn’t veto the whole stupid, expensive, insane idea (because, really, I am tired of having to veto stupid ideas — I am tired of being the bad guy —  why should I always have to be the bad guy?), and because I am the one who is going to be home all day every day with this dog, vacuuming up its hair and cleaning up its puke.  I’m sure it won’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what I’m naming the dog (and NO, it isn’t George).  The kids like my name, too, so there’s something.  Though the dog is really at least 100 lbs. too small to deserve the name.  25 Pointless Points to the first person to guess the name correctly.

Also?  McH doesn’t get to shave his head again.  Ever.  In fact, when he’s 62 years old and can no longer grow a full head of hair?  I’m going to make him sport a comb over, just out of spite.  Heck, I may make him follow in the footsteps of his biological father and do the comb forward.  Have you ever seen one of those?

So. Not. Hot.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt is hiding under a rock.

20 thoughts on “Rude

  1. I am guessing you are either naming the dog Edward or Cullen.

    Although, since it looks rather more like a Wolf than a dog (are you SURE it’s a dog?) I’m wondering also if you might be naming him Jacob.

    Kudos to you for not giving him my given name, since half the German shepherds I knew as a child (well, half the female ones) had the same name as me. You cannot imagine how many people I have met in my life who say, “I used to have a German shephard named that,” when I tell them my name.


  2. At least it wasn’t a horse. 🙂 Admit it…you didn’t veto the dog so you could have that extra card in your hand indefinitely!!!! Brilliant! I must take notes!!!!

    Names….moose? duke? mccain? palin? hahaha ohjust tell us already!


  3. I’m going with Emmett, he was the big guy from Twilight, right? Although one of the werewolves probably makes more sense, I just don’t have my book in front of me. The standard name for German Shepherds around here is King. So creative 😉


  4. metaphase

    Ok, I have to say it was insensitive of McH to buy a dog in the same week that yours died. AND German Shepherds do shed a. lot. That said, I have one now named Caleb (not Gretchen!:) and I also had another in the past 1991-2000 named Sascha (not Gretchen:) and they are the best dogs in the world.
    I know you named it something from your book series. Alas, I haven’t read them (sorry!), so I don’t know who your hottie is in it.


  5. Dianna

    Hmmm. Well, I can’t say that McH is scoring a lot of points with that one. But you absolutely deserve naming rights. And several back massages. And he should cook dinner for at least a week.


  6. Colleen

    Wow, McH… That is pretty… um… wow… wrong.

    I think Jacob too. But I have only read the 1st two books (darn audiobook club’s waiting list) and I am no Jacob fan… yet.



  7. Definitely make McH keep the hair, it may just balance out the points he lost in my book today! Hugs to you again. As for the name, I’m another one who guesses it’s a name from the Twilight books but that I still haven’t read them yet so don’t know which one (though I also agree that a HP name would make sense too since you said the kids are already on board).


  8. thebenshow

    I’m definitely curious about the name. And about Twilight. I finished the 1st book and can’t get amped to read the second one… can you get me amped? Am I going to like it more when werewolf dude appears?

    I’m still sad about your St. Bernard. Have you seen The Bishop’s Wife? That is the movie where I first fell for St. Bernards… Hope you grow to love your new familiy member 🙂


  9. Actually, I think the first one was my favorite. Though the second half of the fourth one maybe tied. Maybe. I actually found Jacob (werewolf dude) to be annoying for most of books 2,3, and 4. But, if you didn’t really like Edward, you might really like Jacob. I do know a few people who prefer Jacob. I haven’t seen The Bishop’s Wife. I’ll have to check that one out.


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