Balancing Act Part I

Well, it’s very nice to know I’m not the only one with CICD (compulsive internet checking disorder) (pronounced “kicked” as in: This internet addiction problem has really kicked my butt!), and I really appreciate the suggestions people left in the comments section.

I like the iPhone idea, and have been drooling over/coveting one since they first hit the shelves.  The problem is:
1.  They are not cheap phones or calling plans, and I’m usually pretty cheap, which is how we live with five kids on one income, and also how my husband is able to just flush money down the toilet buy an expensive dog.  In his defense, it is also how he is able to buy me nice gifts.  Seriously, every cell phone I”ve ever had is just the cheap one that comes free with the calling plan.  After we moved here I had to get a new phone/calling plan, so, even though it still is the freebie/cheapo, it is the first phone I’ve ever had that can take pictures.  And?  Though I’ve finally figured out how to use the camera function, I have no idea how to retrieve the photos.  Anyway . . .

2.  And this is a biggie:  we don’t live in an area that gets coverage on the proper network.  Yes, folks, we are so far out in the the middle of nowhere the iPhone can’t reach us.  I mean, somebody calling us on an iPhone can reach us, but we wouldn’t be able to use an iPhone to make calls.

There was a third reason, but my mind is a tad addled this morning and I can’t remember it.

At any rate, I’d love an iPhone, but it’s not happening any time soon, unfortunately.

So here is what I have done so far in my attempt to find a little more balance.  Are you ready for this?  Is the suspense just killing you?  I know you can’t wait to discover and emulate my brilliance!  (Ha!):

I have organized all the blogs in my Google Reader account in to folders by day of the week.  So I will only read certain blogs on certain days.  You Monday people can post a thousand posts on Wednesday, but I will not read them until Monday.

Please don’t posts a thousand posts.

There are a few blogs I put in an “Every Day” folder, so I get to read them whenever they post, and if one day there is a distinct lack of posts in that day’s folder and the “Every Day” folder, I may let myself read a few from the next day.

We shall see how this new system works, and I’ll keep you updated with its success or failure as well as other things I do in my quest for balance.

Later today, if I can tame the chaos that has been my morning, I’m going to throw up a password protect post (hopefully I don’t just throw up) with lots of photos, because it may or may not be pretty close to somebody’s birthday around here.  Not mine.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

6 thoughts on “Balancing Act Part I

  1. sagebrushdiaries

    THAT is a great idea! I may have to steal it! I too have CICD. I am on this darn computer waaaaay too much. I’m on here so much I’m seriously thinking about starting a blog that could actually make money. You know, the whole kill two birds with one stone theory. I don’t know if it could really work, but it sounds great in theory.


  2. I LOVE the folder idea! Much better than going cold turkey which was my post-VN plan until just a minute ago. I’ll have to make the switch from my reader to google first, though, and then figure out how to use it. If I make the switch this morning, I won’t have to deal with the big piles of dirty rocks (aka, laundry) in the basement. Oh, how I wish I didn’t love playing in the sand so much.


  3. That is a great idea! Please put me in your Wednesday folder, because referrals generally arrive on Tuesdays with my agency!

    Hopefully when we finally get our little one home and I hopefully am too busy to read all the blogs every day (ie. I get a life) I will steal your idea on the Day folder idea!


  4. Carissa

    Oh what a great idea…I need to try that one (maybe then over 350 posts would not pile up on me)! Good luck and continue keeping us posted!


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