Dear Reader

To the person who recently found my blog using these search terms:

waiting for a phone call from Christ

I believe I can say with reasonable surety that the Lord does not utilize the telephone.  Think about it.  If He were known for making phone calls, then Satan would probably start pranking people.  How foolish would we all feel when we found out that, thinking we were doing the will of the Savior, we were actually following the phoned-in directions of the Prince of Darkness.

Then, of course, there is the whole caller ID issue.  That could cause Him some problems of His own, don’t you think?

No, no.  Phone calls from Jesus would just cause too much confusion, which is why I really don’t think that call you’re waiting for is ever going to come.

If you are looking for answers or direction from our Lord and Savior, I would suggest that you spend time in prayer, perhaps fasting, and, of course, reading scripture.  You may also want to consult with your clergy person and . . . now I’m just throwing this out there as a suggestion . . . a trusted medical professional.

Best of luck to you in whatever it is you are seeking, but please, stop waiting by the phone.

9 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. metaphase

    BWA HAA HA! Here’s my question: How did your blog come up under those terms?
    Now I can assuredly say that at times I have felt the Lord has spoken to me, but it’s never been through a phone call! Maybe I’m just old fashioned, and God knows it?


  2. You know, I actually got a phone call from Satan once. I was probably only six or seven, so I have no clue who would think it was funny, but I answered the phone and someone said in a deep, breathy voice, “Katie, this is Satan, I’m coming for your soul.”

    I don’t know what kind of idiot thought that would be a funny thing to do to a little kid, but I was seriously disturbed by it at the time.


  3. well, now your blog is the first result if you type in “waiting for a phone call from Satan”. I’m not expecting calls from either, but I had to check…


  4. Oh, google is so much fun. Here’s my embarassing admission of the day: it took me from the time you re-designed your blog till now to figure out how to leave a comment. So for the other week’s worth I’ve missed, let me summarize by saying 1) thank goodness you didn’t come to the conclusion that you were going to stop blogging, 2) happy birthday, to someone, if there’s someone who’s birthday is coming up soon, and 3) Rudy and Phil were looking a little personal there…I’d place my bets on Rudy being the clubbing buddy.


  5. Nancy

    Maybe the person has a friend named Christ – that used to be a very common nickname for Christian. It might still be somewhere in the world.

    Maybe the person needs personal revelation and affirmation and is searching, searching – only to be shot down.

    Maybe the person needs some quality time with a health professional dealing with disorders that occur only within the cranial cavity, but doesn’t know it yet.

    Probably the person is looking for a specific post someone put up using a phrase similar to the one that linked to your blog – sort of like the person who for some reason keeps looking at a post on my blog by typing in “bullfrogs drowning cows.” Why?????


  6. *giggles*

    There would also be problems of sponsorship. Can you imagine: “AT&T. Our long distance service is so crystal clear, even God uses it.” or “The Savior and Sprint. Partnering to bring you fewer dropped calls and personal revelations than ever before.” The mind shudders to think where all that would lead….


  7. Waiting for a phone call from Jesus, huh? Someone once found my blog by typing in “I heard a Holy Ghost Soldier.”

    What the heck is a Holy Ghost Soldier? And what does one sound like????


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