Enter Post Title Here (Some Days That’s The Best I Can Do)

So yesterday was kind of fun in a “Why did I bother?” kind of way.  Even my mother joined in the fray with some very valuable information.  Though it was kind of like having your mom show up in your seventh-grade homeroom with the tampons you should have remembered to put in your purse in the first place; but still, you appreciate it.

Anyway, everybody played mostly nice, and though there was some, what I would call naiveté, I think everyone mostly kept the stupid in check also.  This, of course, means no merciless mocking in the months to come.  I will, however, write a post in a day or two rebutting a few things in the comments that I would like to rebut, and then we’ll all be done with it over here on LFG.  This isn’t a political blog, I don’t want it to be a political blog, so, unless a video pops up on YouTube in which Obama himself is directing the children’s choir, we’ll just go back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Speaking of:  if nothing else good came out of yesterday’s foray into politics, at least that post might take over the top spot in my stats counter.  For the longest time my top post was the one I wrote when we all learned Vietnam adoption would be closing to those of us in the US.  I liked that one.  It was eventually bumped down a notch by the post in which I asked you to vote for my husband’s hairstyle.  I guess I was okay with that.

But then?  Then the c00ter post came out of my head and down through my fingers and on to my blog and it has now been my top post for a while.  Sad, sad, sad.

The even sadder thing?  Even if it does get bumped, it will regain its top spot eventually.  All of this political brouhaha will blow over, but dimwits will still keep finding my blog by searching for things like (and I swear I am not making these up):

nothing like that old co*oter selection
slappin co*oter in bed of truck
co*oter slapping on the bed of truck
co*oter slushing (okay, this person isn’t a dimwit since the lyrics really do sound like that)

And that was just yesterday, not including all of the other searches re: that song that didn’t use the word c00ter.  Maybe I should just go back and edit that post so that all the oo-s are 00-s so that search engines won’t find it.  Would that work?  I don’t know, it would take time.

Speaking of time, my Google Reader folder idea is working nicely so far.  I am, of course, behind on my blog reading as always, but now there is a cap on how much time I will spend on it each day, so I don’t feel compelled to keep reading.  Oh, sometimes I venture out of the day’s folder if I see another one getting really full (you Thursday and Friday folks seem to write A LOT), but for the most part I am saving some time each day.

And what oh what am I doing with that time, you wonder?  Well, there is the requisite sweeping of the white kitchen floor which I am now doing an extra 15 or so times a day.  I jest.  Kind of.  I am also making more headway in my reading of The Count of Monte Cristo, which I really am enjoying.  It’s just not a sit down and read it in a couple of hours kind of book, though.  Also?  Gasp!!!  Paying a smidge more attention to my kids.  I still have far to go before I’ll feel like I’m on top of everything I need/want to be on top of (do not insert dirty jokes here), but it’s progress, so I’ll take it.

Additionally?  I’ve been spending more time trying to figure out just what it is a primary president is supposed to be doing.  My word it’s a lot.  And I’ve been working on visual aids, with A~’s help, for the primary program which is in a little over two weeks.  The visuals would be to help the kids remember the words to the songs they are singing, because, right now?  Their memories seem a bit sketchy, perhaps even scribble-y.  The thing is, they are really fairly good at singing loudly, so it’s doubly unfortunate that they are all singing different things at the same time.

We shall see how it goes.

In other random news, National Novel Writing Month is coming up in November.  I swore I wasn’t going to do it again this year because, you know, the time thing.  Plus, I haven’t been able to come up with an idea.  And?  There is the book my friend R~ and I have been talking about, but it is not a novel and requires research which I have not managed to do much of yet.  Anyway, we were talking yesterday and she had the idea of writing the book in novel form.  It wouldn’t require the same amount of research and would give me a premise for NaNoWriMo, so I’m thinking about it.  It could be fun, or it could be painful.  I need to jot down some notes and fire up whatever section of the gray matter should be handling this task.

Whether or not I actually do it, I still think I am going to buy a gross of this t-shirt for A~.  Seriously, every day, I have to tell her to “put the book down and eat your breakfast so we can get school started.”  L~ is starting to read a lot more now, too, so she needs at least one of those shirts as well.  She’s always been a great reader, she just never wanted read for enjoyment much before.  Maybe we should have moved out into the country earlier.

And George, if you’re out there . . .

4 thoughts on “Enter Post Title Here (Some Days That’s The Best I Can Do)

  1. Jeanne

    Sorry Elaine..I had just skimmed your entry when I made my comment earlier. Sorry about the c-spelling! I have a 56,000 word novel already and it took me 8 years. ! I know people can do it in thirty days, but man, I don’t think I have it in me. I’d be interested in following your progress however, if you do commit to doing it!


  2. Sorry I dodged your post yesterday. Or was that two days ago? I’m becoming senile in my new grandmotherhood while packing to bring my grandchild’s two uncles home. Anyhoo, I appreciated reading your perspective even though I fall on the other side of the fence. I’m envious of all you brave bloggers for entering the fray.


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