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This is a request from our friends over at Cheers Y’all!.

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a request

October 3, 2008

Hey everyone – I just wanted to give y’all an update on what’s happening with Emmett, and make an important request.

On Monday we were told that the whole question on an intestinal malrotation had been laid to rest. Well, as it turns out, not so much. On Wednesday, Emmett’s doctor, after multiple consultations with pediatric surgeons and radiologists both here and back in the states, decided it would be best to move Emmett to Adenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, so that they could evaluate him. And after reviewing everything, the pediatric surgeon there has decided it is necessary to do open abdominal surgery to fix the malrotation.

So Emmett will undergo this surgery on Monday, hopefully midmorning. During the surgery the doctor will also place a gastrotomy tube (or peg tube), which is a more permanent feeding support system than the nasogastric tube Emmett has now. With all of his upcoming surgeries, in addition to his current feeding issues, everyone feels like this is the best choice for him.

So here’s what we need: PRAYER. Please pray for Emmett. Please pass this message along to whomever you think will pray for him. Feel free to link to this entry, if you’d like. But please pray for this little boy.

Here are some prayer suggestions:

  1. That Emmett will make it through the surgery, first and foremost. It is expected to last about 3 hours, if everything goes well and there are no complications.
  2. For Emmett’s surgeon (his name is Mr. Brain…seriously), that he would be granted wisdom and sure and steady hands.
  3. That Emmett won’t face any operative or postoperative complications: the 3 biggest ones being infection, blood loss, and most importantly, adhesions following the surgery. The risk of adhesions that would necessitate emergency bowel surgery is about 10%, a number way higher than I’m comfortable with.
  4. That following surgery, he and his GI tract would heal quickly, so that he can start being fed again, and so that we can leave the hospital (can I insert that English hospitals are not nearly as comfortable as American ones?).
  5. That his pain will be well controlled, post-operatively.

Again, his surgery will happen midmorning England-time on Monday, which is 6 hours ahead of Central time in the US. So if they start at 10, that would be 4 in the morning for most of y’all, 5 am if you’re on the East Coast. If there is any way that it would work for you to pray for him at that time, please do. If you can’t wake up that early, please pray for him before you go to sleep on Sunday night.

Please pray – he has so much left to face if he can pull through this, but this is the first step. And as Mike said in the last post, we know that the Lord is watching over this child, and loves him more than we ever could. We have witnessed His hand working in this situation, and pray that He would continue to bless Emmett.

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I would encourage you to click on the link at the top of the post and read more about this little boy and his wonderful family.  I believe strongly in the power of prayer, especially when we combine our efforts.  I hope you all will join me in praying for little Emmett.

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