Domestic Tranquility

Contrary to the title, this will not be a political post*


domestic tranquility

Being one who is unfortunately prone to migraines, I really crave and appreciate the quiet moments in life.  As you can imagine, with five children, they are few and far between.  Though I usually don’t get a full-blown headache more than once a month (as long as I’m very careful with my eating (which doesn’t mean I don’t eat junk) ), I still have lots of days with just the sensitivity to sound.

I often fear that my children’s primary memory of their childhood will be me saying, “Shhhhhh.  You need to keep it down.  I have a headache . . . kind of.”  Followed by, “How many times have I asked you to be quiet?”

Yesterday I was having one of those days.  My head didn’t hurt, but the noise!  I felt like the Grinch, “The noise!  The noise!  The noise, noise, noise, noise!”

The sound sensitivity is more than just being tired of the noise.  I don’t know how to explain it really.  It doesn’t hurt, it’s just like . . . like every sound is the equivalent of fingernails on the blackboard.  Kind of.  Anyway, it’s annoying.  Let me clarify:  it – the sound sensitivity – is annoying.  The children aren’t annoying, they are just kids.  Unfortunately, when I am experiencing it, it is difficult to remember to make that distinction both in my head and out loud in a way that the kids might be able to understand it.

Wow.  I’m probably making it sound like life around here is much worse than it actually is, which isn’t my point at all.

My point is this:  yesterday I just wanted to to put ear plugs in my ears and duct tape on everybody’s mouth, BUT, of course, I didn’t.  In the midst of wishing the world would just stop buzzing for an hour, Tank Boy decided it would be fun to scoot around the kitchen table at lightening speed on the little Playskool Tyke Bike (even though he is much too big for that toy because he is, well, a tank), and Quinn thought it would be loads of fun to run after him as fast as his little baby legs would go.  So both my boys were  racing around the kitchen table smiling and laughing and stomping and biking, and the house was filled with noise.

Noise, noise, noise, noise!  Happy noise.  Joyful noise.  Gleeful noise.  Noisy little boy noise.

And my heart just almost burst as I watched them having so much fun.  It was the highlight of my day.  Possibly my week.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

*For my fellow uneducated Republicans, I thought perhaps I should explain why the title might be misconstrued as political.  You see, the words “domestic tranquility” are used together, and in that order, in the Constitution of the United States.  While it is a document to which our society has traditionally looked as a lodestar for governance, it has nonetheless been very politicized, as some believe it is most appropriately interpreted within the structures of constructionism while others believe it is a living document which breathes through the exercising of judicial activism.  This is an oversimplification, obviously, of the differing schools of thought concerning our Constitution, but I figure it’s enough for our simple minds.

7 thoughts on “Domestic Tranquility

  1. Ahhh…peace and tranquility. The only time I get it around here is at naptime and bedtime. I, too, am often hear ‘urging’ the children to ‘quiet down’, ‘cut the racket’ and (my personal favorite), ‘QUIIIIIEEET!’
    And I don’t even have the migranes for an excuse. ;>)


  2. No need to explain. I know that visceral reaction first hand. And also the sudden unmistakable joy of watching them be so alive and full of their own unmasked joy (which must also mean, in case you haven’t connected the dots, that we can’t possibly be scarring them too much :P)


  3. Nice picture. I fell asleep while looking at it. Too bad about the migraines. I used to get them, too, so I know how awful they can be. A heating pad is the only thing that works for me. Thanks for the caveat, too. I had to be two inches from the screen to read it, though. God, I’m getting old…:-(


  4. Christina

    Love that picture. And I know what you mean about the noise – I get hormone headaches and have days where I’m saying “shhhhh” a lot too. And I’m wondering if I would be able to step back and see the joy of the boys playing, or if I’d just be reacting to the chaotic noise of their play – and I so wish that I would look for the joy more often. I shall have to make a conscious effort to do that.


  5. L. and A. are in a phase of who can screech the loudest. We need a fence so I can just put them in the backyard until it passes. That and ball bouncing in the house gets to me! I am glad you could share in the noisy joy of your boys though, I was reading (skimming) your Mormon Monday post and thinking of the distinction between joy and happiness. And I believe that finding joy, esp. as a mother of 3, let alone 5, takes discipline.

    Also…your disclaimer at the bottom totally cracks me up! You are too funny! And, I don’t think Republicans are uneducated or unable to understand the constitution (well maybe except for my mother…but I love her anyway!)

    Beautiful picture.


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