I Want to Go to Summer School In Forks

First, let me just say:  only one of you is up for the cardboard box oven challenge?

Brak, braaaak, brak, brak brak.  Umm, that would be me typing a chicken noise, not misspelling a presidential candidate’s name.

Anyway, if you don’t know what I’m talking about then go read my last post (towards the end if you don’t want to wade through the whole thing).  Meanwhile, I’ll plan to share our adventures in cardboard box baking next week, and everybody be on the lookout for Nicki to do the same at some point.  Yay Nicki!

But, other than getting you all to cook in a cardboard box and post pictures on your blogs, do you know what I really want?  Really, really want?  Kinda?

No, okay, really?

I want to go to Summer School in Forks.  Registration isn’t open yet, but they have put out a call for proposals.  How nerdy am I?  I would love to present a paper or do a panel discussion on religious themes in the Twilight series.  Or maybe something examining the concept and treatment of authority as presented in the books.

But mostly?  I just want to buy Forks, WA souvenirs and go on the bon fire field trip down in La Push and, you know, just be able to say, “I’ve been there.”

Chances of it happening?  About zero.  I told McH his Christmas present to me could be the needed cash and a promise of the needed time to go.  Of course, we’d already decided no Christmas presents for each other this year since he got Rude the Dog for himself and an iTouch for my birthday present.

Then there is the whole issue of his family’s family reunion in Chicago next summer, which I believe is supposed to take place around the same time as the Summer School.  But, really?  I have no idea because people keep changing the dates.  And?  Right now?  Half of them are all mad at each other anyway.  I know by June it will have all blown over, but then another half will be mad.  That’s just the way it seems to go.  We usually do a good job of staying out of all that, but this time we seem to have been dragged into the latest fray.   Whatever.  Can I just say, one of the great disadvantages of always trying be kind and accommodating is that people get in the habit of walking all over you and treating you like dirt?  Yes, it’s true.

But that has nothing to do with Summer School in Forks, and my chance to go to the prom and discuss the merits and failings of a book series which, rationally or not, has captivated a good portion of our society.  It has nothing to do with the possible opportunity of participating in an open forum in which I could openly wonder why, why, why, why, why?!?! are many women who should be overjoyed (based on their own beliefs) that their daughters are enthralled with books that promote abstinence before marriage instead vehemently opposed to said books because the characters are hanging out in the bedroom talking?  Okay, and making out a bit.

It makes me wonder if these women never made out with a boy before they got married?  Poor, poor, sad, sad women. 

Anyway, if any of you are so inclined and able to go to Summer School in Forks, you know, could you pick me up a souvenir?


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10 thoughts on “I Want to Go to Summer School In Forks

  1. Just because I didn’t respond to your post doesn’t mean I’m not up for the challenge. I have my paper box from Staples all ready and am just trying to decide whether I should have it ready before you all get here Friday or let the kids help me.

    What do you think? Brownies?


  2. I’m game. I just haven’t found time yet to find the box, find the tin foil, poke holes or figure out what I’m going to cook. What?! I’m there, honest! 🙂
    I must be WAAAAAY behind on some sort of culture thing because I’m totally not getting the Summer School in Forks thing. Help?!
    And BTW – I was a preacher’s kid. I NEVER made out with boys. I dated the same guy for five years before we were married and not even so much as a peck on the cheek. What? You don’t believe that one either?! ;>)


  3. I was on the fence about baking in a box, but I think I AM up for it. I plan to grind the wheat and make rolls. . . I will for sure post pictures. . .Friday Baby!


  4. Colleen

    SHUT UP! (and by shut up I mean shut up in the NO WAY way and not in the shut up way.) I am so there. Wait… is a vampire filled town the kind of place for a 2 year old?


    PS – You must download the wordpress applcation on your iTouch if you haven’t already. It is great for a quick post. Email me if you haven’t and need help


  5. I’m not sure whether you thought I was kidding when I left my comment on your last post, but seriously, I don’t really know how to use my REAL oven and you’re talking about some kind of tinfoil box oven. My head almost exploded. I use the oven once a year when I make Ed a Funfetti birthday cake, which is my punishment for trying to be all sweet and cute nine years ago when we were first dating. I made him a stupid Funfetti cake for his first birthday that we celebrated together and next thing you know, he expects one every year. Humph. Anyway, maybe next September, during birthday cake making month, I’ll look into the cardboard box oven thing. Until then, I’ll watch for your (and Nicki’s) report.

    I tried to read the rest of your post, but once I saw the word “school,” I started having intense flashbacks and I ended up in the fetal position it the corner of our corporate loft, shaking and mumbling to myself. 🙂 I’ll probably be blogging from an institution tomorrow.


  6. The girls and I discussed it and we are going to give it a try. Not sure yet what we will bake, but we are looking forward to it none the less. Now I need to find a paper box.

    After I find a box, the next question is what to bake. I’m thinking of trying bread or maybe even a casserole. The girls want it to be something we would normally bake so we can compare how it cooked to how it normally does.

    I’ll send you a report and photos as well as post something on my blog, though it is sorely neglected these days and private so not much use to your readers.


  7. Christina

    Ok Forks? Seriously. I’ve been there. Actually, not a bad place for middle of nowhere USA. We stopped on our way to or from (can’t remember) the coast. As I remember it was really cold and windy. But pretty. But I know you don’t care about that part, it’s all the Twilight thing…
    Speaking as a mom of a 13 year old, I let her read the first one but then put on the breaks because the books are rather intense (emotionally speaking) and also the sexual energy is rather high. Considering my daughter is intense to begin with, I worry about adding fuel to that fire. But then she reads SO many books and I haven’t pre-read all of those so I’m probably being slightly hypocritical. It’s just so dang hard finding the line between protecting my child’s mind/heart and giving her freedom to make her own choices. So tell me, in book 2… is the girl so distraught that it could make a reader depressed?


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