Don’t You Hate It When . . .

Don’t you hate it when you start to type a sentence one way, get interrupted, then go back and finish the thought using a different sentence structure, AND THEN quickly hit “publish” before you can be interrupted again, which means you don’t proof anything and you publish an embarrassingly obnoxious grammatical error?

Then, hours later, for no good reason, you re-read your post and realize half of the free world has read your error and is smugly smirking because they believe you have just proven that you are indeed the idiot they have long suspected you of being.

Don’t you just hate that?!?!

Thank goodness not an entire half of the free world reads my blog.

This superfluous post has been brought to you by my iPod Touch. Thanks Colleen! (I’d link you up, but I don’t know how).

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