Whoever has the Elaine voo-doo doll with the pin jabbed in the head?  Would you please take it out?  I’m in charge of a Halloween Party Fall Festival that starts in 2.5 hours.

I would really like my brain back.  And the pain to stop.  And the feeling that I may toss my cookies at any minute?  That can go, too.

The up side is that on a migraine scale of 1-10, this one is only about a four.  But still, little kids screaming and squealing, adults talking loudly, chili cook off (oh no, I may actually toss those cookies now), more squealing . . .

6 thoughts on “Please!

  1. Oh Elaine, migraines are the WORST. I only get a few each year now, but when I was a kid, I often had one a week. They are SO terrible. The accompanying light/noise sensitivity and vomiting only make the excruciating pain more fun. Hope you feel better soon…


  2. Carol

    Hi Elaine–
    I ran across your blog a few days ago by accident…I love it! You crack me up!

    I’m probably a half generation older than you, but I can so totally “get” so much of what you write!

    I’m sorry about the migraines. I have them too, so I can relate! Hang in there, girl!


  3. metaphase

    I get migraines, too, but thank God, haven’t had one in a couple of years. You talking about it brings it all back in its totality, though. Prayers that you are better soon, no, now!


  4. I do have a voodoo doll, but I SWEAR it’s not about you. I swear. And I never use it. It was just a gag gift. Really. It’s the morning after, so I hope your migraine is gone…by now.


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