Survivor: Halloween Migraine Edition

Thanks for all the prayers and the well-wished on that last post (and a shout-out to new reader Carol!).  By the time I we had to leave for the Halloween party Fall Festival, the pain was gone.  I still felt like my brain was stuffed with cotton and throwing up could be on the agenda, but I made it through the evening and everything went well. 

Though I didn’t eat a thing all night.  Well, except for a couple hostess donuts on the way home (which I should not be eating due to the egg in them, but at that point I was starving).  I was going to try to eat something, but then I saw the big crock pot full of floating hot dogs as we were setting everything up, and I had to clamp my mouth shut tight and move quickly to fresh air, and that pretty much killed my appetite for the next several hours.

Hot dogs in general gross me out.  Ever since I read Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle when I was a senior in high school it has been the rare occasion when I could stomach a hot dog.  The Jungle is an excellent, albeit disturbing, novel about the meat packing industry in the 1920s.  I realize we are way beyond the 1920s, so the likelihood of rat feces, or the occasional rat, or even the occasional meat packer actually falling into the vat of leftover animal goo that has been swept off the floor and put into said vat for the making of hot dogs and lunch meant is arguably rare to non-existent these days, but still . . .

Add to that the whole English major thing, and all the symbolism you talk about when taking those classes, and hot dogs, especially pasty looking hot dogs floating in an oblong crock pot, just seem more than a little symbolic of . . . well . . .  of . . .  oh good gosh!  I just expected a CSI team to come busting into that barn any second to gather up the body parts as evidence in the most gruesome chopping off of appendages case the country had ever seen.

Even thinking about it now is making me a tad green.

Anyway, so that was Wednesday.  Yesterday was busy with all kinds of seasonal type celebratory things, and now today.  Today?  I really need to channel somebody’s, ANYBODY’S obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder because my mother-in-law is flying in tonight.  Actually, she’s flying in early this evening, but due to things I will never fully understand, she is not flying into the airport about an hour from here, or even the one about an hour and a half from here.  No, she is flying into an airport about four hours from here.

The upside is that it gives me extra time to clean while McH is driving her here since they won’t get in until about 11 p.m.

So, all this to say that I am terribly, terribly behind on reading blogs, even using my days-of-the-week folder system in Google Reader.  That system has been working pretty well for me, actually.  In case you were wondering.  I will probably remain behind for a while since my mother-in-law is staying until Wednesday.  Thanks to the new iTouch I suppose I can sneak some blog reading in while in the bathroom, but that is probably too much information, right?

Must go scrub a toilet now.  While continuing to do school with the girls.  And keeping an extra clinging baby happy.  And an active four-year-old alive.

I need an Alice.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt isn’t much help.

8 thoughts on “Survivor: Halloween Migraine Edition

  1. Now you’ve done it. You’ve ruined hot dogs for me. I’m not a HUGE fan…except when it comes to ballpark hot dogs. For some reason I’ve got to have a hot dog while I’m watching a baseball game…but you can scratch that NOW! ;>) I’m going to ignore the fact that brats are closely related to hot dogs.
    Good luck on the cleaning. I’d send you my cleaning mojo, but its in the shop right now. This cold/flu has me laying around and totally ignoring the mess around me. Thank goodness we deep cleaned the house last week, otherwise it would be a total disaster. I just pray no one from church pops by to check on me today.


  2. I fly off to Vietnam for a bit and come back to find that I’ve missed 22 of your posts! I’ll never catch up, but I’m glad to hear your four-point migraine is gone. As for cleaning your house, I’d call Laura. Mattix travels well and I’d bet Laura could have your house clean by late afternoon AND order in dinner.


  3. Christina

    I totally read that book my junior year too! And it ruined hot dogs for a while, but then I had one grilled and it was so yummy I developed a mild case of amnesia. And now I just tell myself that if I buy the “kosher” kind they are rabbi-approved and therefore can’t have anything yucky in them. Whatever you do, don’t shatter my illusions!

    I haven’t had a good case obsessive compulsive cleaning in quite a while… and my house can attest to that… sigh. Best of luck with your busy day!!


  4. I’m glad the headache is fading. I also suffer from migraines and know all too well that – “nothing sounds good but puking is so close I must feed the stomach” – feeling. Darn migraines!


  5. Nancy

    Glad you made it through the evening. Now just make it through the next five days! I’m sure it will be an enjoyable visit, and good for the kids.


  6. You go ahead, sweetie, and believe that “modern” hot dogs don’t have rats and other assorted disgustingness in them if you want. I hope you’re right.

    (Disclaimer: vegetarian here. So I can’t really differentiate between eating a rat and eating what’s SUPPOSED to be in those things.)

    Glad you made it through your outing, and hope you survive the visit!


  7. Ha ha ha, Gina! I could totally do it. I’d even order the dinner *while* I was cleaning. Really, I could.

    Hot dogs make me want to puke. For the same reasons you state. Except every once in a while, I really crave one. Then I feel dirty and sick for eating it.

    I read The Jungle my freshman year of high school and so began the vegetarian years. First it was red meat, then it was pork, then it was everything but chicken. Eventually, I my vivid memories faded and meat was reintroduced. I might want to look into that again, given the current state of my waist line (or lack thereof…) Tangent. Glad you’re feeling better.


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