M&M Monday

Mother-in-law visiting.  Very nice to have her here.

Mucus out the wazoo.  Several of the kids and I have a whopper of a cold.  Bad timing, no?  So I’m feeling like a lame hostess, but I can barely breathe and that makes it difficult to do much of anything else.  Taking her to our big library in an hour.  Couldn’t figure out how to make anything having to do with the library start with an M.

Back to Mormon Monday next week.

One thought on “M&M Monday

  1. Bless your heart- I’ve got a bad cold, too. Can’t imagine trying to be a good hostess and feel this crappy at the same time. Hang in there. Enjoy your visit with your MIL!

    A few book/library-related M words for you: Memoirs, Myths, um… that’s all I got. I tried. My head is clogged.


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