Put Down Your Coke (or Pepsi, or Coffee, or Whatever)

By now you all know I like country music for a variety of reasons.  I find it entertaining on many levels.

You also know that when I come across a particularly entertaining song I am generous and I share.

I shared the tick song.  I think I shared the tequila song.  We ALL know I shared the cooler song.

Today I share the cheater song.  If I had been drinking anything when I first heard it tonight?  Would have come out the nose.  Just sayin’. 

It made me laugh out loud.  It made McH laugh.  It made me wish it had been around in 1988 so I could have had it blasting from some stereo when Cooter came over to get the stuff he’d left at our house over the years.  I hope you never need it, but just in case, file it away.

And enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Put Down Your Coke (or Pepsi, or Coffee, or Whatever)

  1. I’ve heard that before….I think it was the station in the next town over that’s pretty good about playing stuff that’s a little off the beaten path of “Today’s Hot New Country”. The video was very cute though. I love how they kiss at the end and Naomi Judd thrown in…that was funny 🙂

    Oh yeah, this same station was trying out some songs one night and played the cooler song…..it does sound like c00ter!


  2. quiregirl

    So glad I took the advice and wasn’t drinking anything when I listened to that! It’s going on my playlist right now!!!


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