I Didn’t Get the Memo That Hell Was Freezing Over Today

I didn’t get the memo that Hell was freezing over today, but it did, people.  I swear.  It did.

I know this because McH went shopping with me this morning.  Willingly.  For clothes.  For him.

Not only did he willingly go shopping with me to buy clothes for him, he went with the express purpose of buying fashionable clothes.  You know, perhaps the kind a wealthy, fictitious vampire would wear (though wealthy, fictitious vampires probably don’t shop at Khols with a 15% off shopping pass during Power Hours):  gray sweater, maybe layered over a white oxford shirt, with jeans that look like . . . well . . . that look a little more stylish than his normal fare.

I know!

But I suppose you don’t know.  Because you don’t know that the man has two basic outfits*:  khakis and a polo for work, jeans and a t-shirt for the rest of the time.  It’s a good day when I can get him out of the house without a logo on his t-shirt. 

Oh, I guess there is a third outfit:  the suit for church.

Very simple wardrobe he has.  I’ve tried in the past to buy him sweaters, to buy him shirts that have long sleeves, to buy him clothes with just a smidge more flair; but he won’t wear them.

But the clothes we got to today?  First?  Smoking hot on him.  Second?  He said he can see himself wearing them for more than just the party next weekend.  Third?  he picked out the exact sweater I would have bought when I went shopping by myself yesterday, but didn’t buy because I figured he’d never wear it.

Hell froze over.  No doubt about it.

Now I need to make an appointment with a photographer to get some decent pictures of the two of us.  You know, since he finally has some decent clothes.

And George, if you’re out there . . .

*Just for purposes of clarity, he has more than one of each of these outfits.  You know, more than one pair of khakis, more than one polo, more than one pair of jeans, and, holy crap!  More than one t-shirt.

5 thoughts on “I Didn’t Get the Memo That Hell Was Freezing Over Today

  1. Ooh – the blogging world shall be anxiously awaiting the new photos of McH with the smoking clothes and hottie hair. I mean, it’d be a public service of some sort, I’m sure there’s a way we could justify needing to do such a thing, right?


  2. Ha! I thought you were having a bad day at the homestead and were talking about the snow…did you get snow?

    I was wrong, great post. For 10 years I’ve tried to get him interested in something besides polos or t-shirts. We were making progress when he discovered the long sleeve henly, but that was 4 years ago. Now we need to get your husband and mine together and see if it rubs off. I don’t know though, he’s so bad that it’s jeans and t-shirts to church most weeks (granted we spend a fair bit of church in the nursery.) Suits are for major holidays and funerals.

    just another wife wanting to her man to dress as hot as he looks 🙂


  3. Christina

    I have the same problem – if he had his way, Hubby would wear sweats (not even jeans!) every day of his life. I hate. sweats. With a passion. They say “total slouch” like nothing else. So I’m forever on a mission to find pants or jeans that are comfortable enough for him but stylish enough for the rest of the world. And shirts? Same problem – he’s a t-shirt man. I buy sweaters but they don’t get a lot of wear. And forget button-down shirts! But I never give up – every time I see something that I think would look really good on him I say “you’d look really hot in that” – hoping he’ll take the hint. But now I see I just need to convince him to dress like a fictional vampire! Silly me, I’ve been going about this all wrong. 🙂


  4. My husband looks really hot in everything too – he can wear trendy stuff (which he typically hates) and look smokin’ and I need to shop for elastic waist pants… ugh. ANyhoo, maybe hell did freeze over b/c my husband asked me for new clothes for CHristmas – and not the usual work clothes request but everyday casual clothes – and not Simpsons or Batman t-shirts, but grown up clothes!! Also: re your comment on my blog (birthday/anniversary) – I’m just glad I’m not the only one who does that stuff!


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