You Think You Know Your Kids . . .

I’ve been so uninspired to blog lately.  Very unlike me.  But I can’t let this story pass without recording it for posterity.

A~ came to me tonight and asked, “Did I ever tell you I once challenged a boy to fight?”

“Umm . . . NO,” I said.  “When was this?”

“A couple of years ago.”

“And where did this happen?” I asked.

In my mind I’m running through the places where she would have been around boys:  church, martial arts, that’s it.  So I’m thinking she probably challenged a boy in her martial arts class to spar and now, tonight, since she just watched Kung Fu Panda, she is feeling all bad a . . . hem about it all and is making it sound bigger than it was.

“Grandma’s house,” she replied.

Do I have your attention?  Because she certainly had mine.  I don’t exactly send my kids to Grandma’s house to brawl with some random boy.

But it wasn’t some random boy.  She continued to explain that M~ (one of her cousins’ other cousins) was over and he kept calling L~ names.  She told him to stop calling her sister names, and he didn’t, so she told him she wanted to fight him.

I about fell off my kitchen stool.

“So he said, ‘fine,’ he’d fight me,” she told me, “and we went outside.”

Where. are. my. smelling salts??????  My DAUGHTER went outside to fight!!!!  My book smart, street stupid daughter had enough sense to go OUTSIDE to fight!!!  It was quite a mix of horror and pride there, because she usually exhibits the common sense of a fruit fly (I’m just being honest here people, so don’t shoot the messenger).

“But once we got outside he said he had to go to the bathroom, so he went inside and he never came back out,” she concluded.

As she sees my eyes looking grotesquely disproportionate to the rest of my head she hurriedly reassures me that she was much younger then, and she knows better now, and she would never challenge someone to fight again.

I’m taking her at her word.  I think.  I’m suddenly not sure who this child is.  I guess, at least, she’s not the child who had to pee.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt isn’t sure what to say.

15 thoughts on “You Think You Know Your Kids . . .

  1. Well, yes. At least she wasn’t the child that had to pee. (Although, I have to give the other child kudos for coming up with an unusual way to get OUT of a fight.)


  2. I must say, on one hand I’m really surprised, and on the other I’m not. M~ usually does really well with younger kids–I wonder what wild hair he had up an orifice that day.

    The “fight” scenario, though, doesn’t really surprise me. He’s a typical boy, in that he wants to appear tough, but he really isn’t the kind of kid to beat up a younger girl (which, of course, makes you look like a loser instead of tough).


  3. McH

    I think you are being awfully presumptuous that he would win and that he backed out due to not wanting to beat up a younger girl. He was in a lose/lose situation. If he wins he is a bully if he loses he is a wimp. After a couple years in Martial Arts classes A` probably stood a fair chance of winning.


  4. Oh goodness. You’ve opened up the “you can tell me anything” floodgates after the uni-brow incident, who knows what else she’ll be ‘fessing up to soon! That sure is quite the story – I’m seeing a whole different side to your eldest!


  5. I don’t know, I think the story is kind of cute. And the fact that she kept it a secret for this long tells me that she knows how wrong it was. I’m sure I’ll have to deal with it some day (although imagining my peace-loving little boy in a fight is very hard to do. At three years old, he stood across from me in aroom and said in his wee little voice, “You wanna piece of me? Bwing it.” I laughed so hard I almost had to ahem, you know.)


  6. Nancy

    I wonder where I was when this was going down? She really could have had an adult stop him from teasing her sister, but she handled it well on her own. I guess.


  7. Christina

    I’m a total pacifist when it comes to my kids, but I have to admit a grudging respect for A~ … way to stand up for her sister! Also very good that she knows it’s not really the way to solve a problem. 🙂


  8. oh my gosh – this just totally fast forward to alllll those things we as parents have to hear about when are kids are adults that we never imagined they did! I don’t know whether to hide in fear or look forward with curiosity!!!


  9. Good for A~! (Says the girl whose nickname was “Butch” because she used to beat on boys in middle school.)

    I really do think it’s great that she was willing to stand up for her sister, though. Though if she can get into that kind of trouble, it does sort of scare me about what my boys will do as they get older…


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