Holy Crap

How’s that for a title?  Low class enough for you?  Yeah, me too.

I just looked at my Google reader account for the first time today.  Oh my.  And it’s just going to get worse before it gets better.

I’ve been as busy as a . . . what’s that saying?  One armed paper hanger?  Something like that.

What’s that?  What am I doing?

Oh, well, I would be trying to get ready to schlep five kids back from whence we came so that I can help with and attend a Twilight movie premier party Friday night.  In addition to trying to get the laundry caught up and the house at least somewhat clean, I have been working on things for the party. 

And I’m soooo behind.  I’ve started baking the sparkly man-shaped cookies.  Well, they are man-shaped and will be sparkly after I frost them and throw the glittery sugar on them.  I just finished up The Broken Headboard Awards for the game prizes.  I’d bring them in from the garage and take a picture, but the clear coat is still drying.  The disco ball I ordered for the party came today, just in the neck nick of time. 

I still have to: make the memory game (because, you know, vampires have perfect recall); dig out the punch bowl; do the grocery shopping for the rest of the food after I get into town; finish baking the cookies and frost and sparkle them before leave here; get enough clothes for a small army of people on a three-day weekend packed; and probably several other things I’m not remembering.

Really, when I look at the list of what I’m doing, it seems so very, very small to me.  Somehow, though, having more than two kids really make those small lists look insurmountable.

I trimmed McH’s hair just a smidge last night.  I think it may actually need trimmed even more.  Gasp!  Don’t tell him I said this, but I think it may be getting too long.  No worries though, it will all come off on Saturday.  Which is why I have very little problems with giving it a reddish tint before the party.

If you see the midnight release, please don’t comment or email me about it.  I will effectively stick my fingers in my ears and shout, “La la la la la la la!  I can’t heeeeeeaaaaar you!!!” like my brother’s ex-mother-in-law.  Except, I guess what I’d really have to do is stick my fingers in my eyes and shout, “La la la la la!  I can’t reeeeaaaad you!”  Though I don’t know why shouting would be necessary in that case.

Please don’t make me stick my fingers in my eyes.

We wanted to have the party before the midnight release, but that would mean having the party on a Thursday and then trying to drag our husbands out to the movie on a work night.  So the party is Friday.  This means I’m not seeing the movie until 10:20 Friday night, because if I go to the midnight show the night before the party and the movie totally blows chunks, then the party will be all pointless and anti-climactic and depressing.

And doggone it, I didn’t buy a disco ball for that.

And George, Tewt, you know.

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6 thoughts on “Holy Crap

  1. Should I assume that means you aren’t going to the other party with me tonight?

    Are you afraid that someone is going to ruin the ending for you? 😉


  2. I dearly hope that you will post photos of McH as Edward.

    Also, later, after your party and after you’ve done all the things you are doing – do you make your own sugar cookie frosting or do you use a can? And, if it’s the former (and I dearly hope it is, because, well, I don’t think I can put my feelings about canned frosting in a public post) would you share your frosting recipe with me? I am forever on the lookout for the perfect sugar cookie frosting recipe.

    (Not that I would hold it against you if you were using canned frosting for this project, since you have a thousand things going on. But, truthfully, you don’t strike me as a canned frosting kind of girl.)


  3. Gee whiz… You Twilight people.

    P.S.- Listen to Lawmommy and post pics of McH. Want to see the “bronze” hair. Not that I would know Edward’s hair is bronze. I don’t read those dumb books.

    Have fun! I’m sure all your efforts will pay off and the party will be great!


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