10 thoughts on “If You Can’t Say Anything Nice . . .

  1. Aw… I’m so sorry. Still haven’t read the books, but I know you’ve been sooo looking forward to this movie (is that an understatement or what???) and I was hoping some of the bad review headlines I’ve seen this weekend wouldn’t hold true to what you thought of it. It’s so rare that movies can remotely live up to the books, isn’t it? Guess I’ll still have to read the books someday when I can actually make time to read again, but forget the movie follow-up, eh?


  2. Hmmmm….sorry to hear that. So, I should wait for the DVD, huh?

    But, you COULD post pictures of your husband as Edward.

    And your sugar cookie frosting recipe….if it exists.


  3. Gasp! You were THAT disappointed? Granted, the movie was flawed and movies are NEVER as good as the books, but I loved it! Saw it at midnight on Thursday and went back again on Saturday afternoon. I liked it even better the second time.

    You HAVE to post pics of your fun party, though! Ours was a blast – wish you could have come!


  4. Oh no!! But I’m going to see it Tuesday night. I *finally* lined up a sitter yesterday (which was a lovely little challenge that I will have to force myself to relive if I ever want to go see Wicked). 😦


  5. Dianna

    I’m still planning to see it, even though I read a review that said it had more passionate looks and longing sighs than a decade of As the World Turns. Hee!


  6. At least you had the foresight to have the party first. My girls were disappointed, too. They saw it yesterday on Susie’s birthday and she felt like Stephenie let her down. After hearing the reviews, we should have known better and changed her birthday plans. Maybe everyone who saw the movie could reread the book in an attempt to wipe out the bad memories?


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