Mayish 1996 – Dec. 5, 2008

Little D
I suppose this is what I get for whining about unimportant stuff like paint.

This dog was our first baby.  We got him less than a month after we were married.  Tonight he had a medical emergency and our choices were emergency surgery that he probably wouldn’t survive or . . .

The or is so hard.  But at least he didn’t die outside, alone.  At least he died with someone who loved him by his side.  At least is was a peaceful end, and the suffering that led up to it was short lived.

When we first brought him home from the pound, everybody told us how stupid we were for getting a chow mix.  We heard all about how ill-tempered chows can be.  But he was the best dog.  Just the best dog.  Except for his amazing Houdini-like ability to escape the yard and disappear, and the time he marked the Christmas tree.  In front of company.  He was amazingly patient with and tolerant of the children.  He was good with other dogs.  He had the softest fur I have ever felt.  He was just a great dog, and he, along with the St. Bernard, undoubtedly protected me from the crazy stalker.  I owe them both my life, or at least what measure of mental health and sense of security I have.

As McH was driving back from the veterinarian a little bit ago he called me and said, “You know, this has just been a hard year.  The only stressful thing we haven’t experienced this year is divorce.  Because this counts as a death in the family.”

And so it does.

31 thoughts on “Mayish 1996 – Dec. 5, 2008

  1. i am so, so sorry about having to say goodbye to your dog. we have a great dog now too, a chocolate lab. before her, we had a rhodesian ridgeback, samson. he was also my first baby. he died from cancer at 8 and that was the hardest week ever. i cried and cried down at the level of deep grief. i was hurting so badly. he was part of my everyday life. i had planned to go on a business trip with my husband. i went and i was so glad i did — having a change of home helped. my heart hurts for your family…. xoxoxo, jan


  2. Dang it all. You are so right, this has been a really tough year in so many ways. Bring on 2009. I know what it’s like to lose two beloved pets so close together, unfortunately, and I’m so sorry you know now too. And I’m sorry for how horrible this must be for the kids and in the midst of holidays. Sending lots and lots of hugs. McH is right – these pets ARE our family and they do save us from so many bad things be them physical, emotional, psychological. I’m sorry you had to make that tough decision, it is never easy. Thinking about you.


  3. I am so, so sorry. What a beautiful dog – you can just see the sweetness in those big, brown eyes.
    My thoughts are with you and your family as you grieve this loss.


  4. metaphase

    Oh no. I hate to hear you lost two beloved pets in one year. Big, big {{{hugs}}} from me to your family. I’m glad your husband could be there this time to help you all through this.
    I’m so sorry.


  5. Oh, Elaine, I am so so sorry. I can’t believe you’re having to go through all of this – it HAS been a hard year. I am glad that y’all got to spend so much time together, and that he was able to die peacefully. I am thinking about you guys.
    Oh, and my Kodi is a chow mix (mixed with Pitbull, no less, I think) too – also an escape artist, although she’s never marked the Christmas tree 🙂


  6. Dianna

    I’m so sorry Elaine. It’s been a tough year for pets all around – you, Christina, me… I think we’re at that age where our ‘first’ pets are reaching the end of their life spans. I’m sorry you had to make such a hard decision.


  7. I am really sorry about the loss of your dog. He looks like he was a sweetie. I know we will have a very hard time when our dog goes. Here’s to hoping that isn’t for many more years.


  8. Christina

    Oh Elaine, I am so so sorry. He really was a part of your family, and I know you will all feel his loss as much as you would any loved one.


  9. So sorry for your loss.


    PS – I know I am REALLY behind on reading blogs. I have read a month of your post so far today to catch up. So hopefully I will regain my faithful reader status with today’s reading.


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