Who Needs a Title Anyway?

The missionaries up here in outer Radiator Springs have certainly earned those dinners we feed them every Wednesday.  They came early Saturday morning, before the sun was even fully up, to help McH dig the dog’s grave.  I’m sure they must spend a little time on their knees every day now, praying for the health of our two remaining dogs.

And, in case anyone was wondering, we are sticking to two dogs.  No rushing out for a replacement dog this time.  I think we all learned a lesson or two last time.  And by “all” I mean McH, of course.  Though, honestly, this loss hit him pretty hard as well, and he really doesn’t have a desire for another dog.  Yet.

But really, the only reason I am blogging tonight is because McH asked that I post proof that he and my dad got the new living room floor installed yesterday.  Apparently some co-workers (and by “co-workers” I mean . . . oh, I don’t know what I mean) didn’t believe that they would be able to install the floor in a day. 

Neener neener neener!

They did it in about five hours.

We still need to put in some trim – like quarter-round except concave, so I don’t know what you call it – to hide the gaps between the floor (they did a floating floor) and all that oak baseboard, and I still need to finish painting around the piano border.  Let me tell you, it’s time consuming but I’m enjoying it.  Weird, huh? 

Anyway, the goal is to have that all done by Wednesday so that we can have the missionaries help move the piano back in there when they come for dinner this Wednesday.  Yes, we are big believers in allowing them to earn their keep if there is work to be done that calls for young, uninjured backs.

Anyway, here is the proof that the floor is in:


We have two boxes of the wood left over.  Not sure how that happened, but we’re trying to decide what to do with it.  It’s not enough to do one of the bedrooms, but we could buy two more boxes and make that work.  It is more than enough to do the half bath off the kitchen, so we might do that.  Without going into all of the details, which I actually just started doing but decided to delete them, that bathroom probably needs new flooring more than any other room in the house.  It also needs a new light fixture, but that’s totally unrelated.

McH talked with the neighbors yesterday – you know, the ones who sold us this house so they could build a new house right next door (a couple acres over) – and he jokingly asked them how many calls they’d gotten from local townsfolk who wanted to make sure they knew we were ripping up “their” house.

“Ummm, yeah, a few,” she said.

Seriously people, when we lived in the suburbs our neighbors across the street didn’t know we had a son until 2+ years after he came home; but here?  Here, out in the country where there is apparently nothing better to do than gawk in people’s windows as you drive 55 mph past their house which sits a good 1/2 acre back from the road?  I kid you not, in addition to the calls to the neighbors, McH got a call on his cell the other day from a church friend that went something to the effect of:

Hey Matt, I was driving by your house and saw your wife up on a ladder in the front room.  What’s going on?  Do you need any help?

Okay, so the offering help part was nice and all, but people!  I was painting!  Do you have any idea what kind of clothes I wear to paint in?  Homeless people wouldn’t wear those clothes even if I paid them to.  I realize I’m working in the front room, but somehow I thought things were a little more private than that, what with the distance between our house and the road, and the 55 mph speed limit.  And what is up with other people calling the neighbors to report that we threw away “their” carpet?  But what do I expect when I live in a town where a total stranger strikes up a conversation in the hardware store, asks me if I live in the area, and knows the exact house when I say, “Oh, we bought M~ and A~’s place.”  How do I know if he knows M~ and A~?  Except everybody does.  We did the same thing when we went to vote.

“Do we need to get in the north or south line?”

“Where do you live?”

“M~ and A~’s old place.”

“Ahh.  You’re south then.”

Don’t misunderstand, none of this upsets me or anything.  Just leaves me scratching my head and hoping the curtains in our bedroom are adequate since that is also in the front of the house.  I also now understand why most of our seven or so neighbors across the street always have their front windows heavily draped.  And?  I have a slight itching to do something in my living room . . . I don’t know what . . . nothing horrible, illegal or pornographic . . . just something . . . something that would make me laugh and keep the neighbors talking.  But that obviously isn’t very nice.

Thank you for the outpouring of comments on yet another doggie death post.  I really hope it’s the last one for many, many years.  It is just. so. hard.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

14 thoughts on “Who Needs a Title Anyway?

  1. The room looks great!
    I know what you mean about small towns and everyone knowing your business. When Shad graduated from vet school, his first job was in a town of 1200. The day after we pulled into town, we went to city hall to transfer the utilities into our name (and I kid you not) the first thing out of the receptionist was, ‘Oh, you must be the new vet in town.’ We hadn’t even given her our name!!!
    Small towns…gotta love em.


  2. Christina

    The room looks great! And the stuff about the neighbors… Yiii… I like knowing my neighbors and all, but there’s definitely a limit…


  3. I really don’t think you’d have to do anything at all to keep your neighbors talking. 😉

    Love the room.

    I’ve been meaning to ask how you got the snowfall on here.


  4. I have no idea how I got the snowfall on. It just started the night the dog died. Oddly poetic since it started snowing right after he was buried. Okay, I just checked. If you go to “appearance” and then click on “extras” there is a box you can check to have the snowfall. I think I had it last year, so maybe WP just auto checked it for me this year.


  5. Wow. Your husband has hair AND he finishes handiwork like that in one day? You are a lucky woman, Elaine. What’s he wearing right now? Oh, sorry. }-)


  6. metaphase

    I think the room looks great, and you can live with the trim for a while. It doesn’t look bad when you show the whole room. I think it’ll be fine once you get the furniture (and it sounds like some hotel strength drapery!) in there. I laughed at your comment on your previous neighbors not knowing you had a son for 2 years. Our neighbors in Boston didn’t know we even had 2 kids. They never knew when Ava was born, and they certainly had no clue when Binh came home. Then again, I didn’t know our neighbors there had two boys either until about 2 months before we moved..


  7. I now have a vision of you and the girls enacting the “double, double, toil and trouble” scene from MacBeth in full costume in your living room. THAT would probably get the town’s folk talking. And also, Shakespeare, so, you know, TOTALLY educational.

    I have just laughed out loud for the first time today, so thanks for that.


  8. I think the room looks great! The neighbor stories are hilarious – and I think putting on some kind of show for the neighbors would be hilarious. I know a bit of which you speak – the former owners of my place (one owner removed, if that makes sense) live right across the street from me. The lady (in her 60’s or so, and her mom lives with her) is very nice but pays way too much attention to what’s going on over here. I think it about killed her to see the landscape guy here last year tearing out multiple truckloads of stuff. And my old next-door neighbors (thank goodness they’re gone now) used to rat me out to her on how neglected her precious former backyard was. Fun times!


  9. Carissa

    Ok since I was so far behind I didn’t comment on the other posts and waited for this one – I agree about NOT painting the wood and I love where you ended up! Amazing! Beautiful!


  10. Carissa

    Oh yeah I also grew up in a town like that – it is great and bad all at once! If you ever really do need help they are RIGHT there waiting and helping with everything!


  11. The living room looks great!

    We lived in a town of about 8,000 once. That was small enough for me, and boy was I glad to leave when I did. Some of my neighbors “knew” things about me that I didn’t even know.


  12. Liz

    The room looks great!

    Remember that movie “The Christmas Story”? How about putting one of those leg lamps in the front window. Nothing “like the soft glow of electric $ex in the window” to get the town talking!


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