Winter Weather Land

For those of you who can only dream of a white Christmas, or Hanukkah, or other holiday (is it politically correct to dream of a white Kwanzaa?  I don’t know . . .) I thought I’d share:

ice storm 2

ice storm

ice storm 3  

winter sports

The nice thing about the kids playing on the frozen pond is that it is much easier to ascertain if someone has or has not gone under.  In the summer, if I look out the window and someone is missing, I have a panic attack and run around outside shouting the name of the child I cannot find, fearing they may have drowned.  In the winter?  If someone is missing I just look for a hole in the ice.  No hole, no problem.  You’ll notice that they aren’t allowed to go out very far on the ice.  If it were to break where they are, they would only be shin to thigh deep (depending on the child).

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt probably froze to death.

11 thoughts on “Winter Weather Land

  1. What a winter wonderland! 🙂 I’ll have to share some pictures myself, although I’ll wait until tomorrow. We’re supposed to get some more snow tonight! 🙂


  2. ha – it cracks me up how much we are alike on things like playing around water and ice. I have tons of pics of my kids on our lake in Michigan playing like 5 feet from shore 😛

    That’s a super cool pic of the frozen grass!!


  3. We have snow here too, but I didn’t think to take pics of it. Your ice pictures are pretty!

    And the story in your previous post was hilarious! That is something that would happen to me.


  4. Great pictures. I didn’t get to take any, just worried about driving home with a 7 month baby. You know it’s bad when the squirrels are sliding across the road in front of your car faster than your car is traveling.


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