All Is Well

First I have to say, the church people DID show up.  They brought food, and they helped with the boys.  For those of you who don’t know, my sister has four boys.  The youngest isn’t quite one yet, and the oldest is five.

Thanks to TKS for the info. about the car seats.  I was not aware of the recommendation to not use car seats that have been in an accident, but it makes sense AND my sister already knew this.  Her husband is also in the insurance biz, so I guess that is helpful.

At any rate, I just talked to her.  She is currently shopping with my mom for new car seats and some clothes.  Apparently her shirt, hoodie, and a key undergarment for women were rather shredded during the whole ordeal, and she isn’t real thrilled with the idea of going to dinner in her current attire of shorts, t-shirt and NO key undergarment for women.  Talk about your carnie get-up.  At least she was able to trade her hospital footies for her husband’s size 13 flip flops for the shopping excursion. 

She has stitches (I won’t post the picture my brother emailed from his phone) and some bruising, her husband has some lumps and bumps, she figures they will all be sore tomorrow, but everyone is alive and the kids apparently don’t have a scratch (which isn’t to say they won’t be sore from the force of the seat belts and straps holding them in).  Thank goodness.

The tow truck driver met with my mom and brothers so they could clean out the contents of the Explorer.  He told them how lucky my sister’s family is.  He said someone was definitely riding with them today, there is no other explanation for the fact that they all walked away.  I’m sure Katie will want to tell the story on her own blog, so that’s all I’ll say about it; but wow, were they lucky to land the way they landed.  I mean, I suppose it would have been luckier to land right-side up, but going with the fact that they did, indeed, land upside down, they are lucky to land the way they landed.

Right now she sounds like she’s still running on adrenaline.  The kids are saying they didn’t like it when the car flipped over.  I still think in a few days they’ll start to tell fish tales (fishtails – hardee har har) of how cool it all was.  Perhaps I am wrong.

11 thoughts on “All Is Well

  1. I love stories that end “and they lived happily ever after”! Stiff and sore is so much better than any of the other scenarios! Thanx for keeping us posted. Are they planning to drive home yet tonight?
    Take care!


  2. Stacey

    Oh thank heavens everything was alright. How are you doing? Having family members being hurt and not being able to be there is rough. I’m glad to hear Heavenly Father was watching over them.


  3. The whole thing is just giving me the shivers. I bet once Katie (and probably everyone) wakes up tomorrow, or later tonight, and it all sinks in, it’ll all catch up to them. It just is so amazing that such a bad accident with so many involved in the car and yet everybody is ok. I know you must have been just a wreck today – thank goodness all is well.


  4. I am so glad everyone seems to be doing so well. We’ll continue to pray as everyone heals physically and emotionally. It’s a scary thing, but they were protected by our Heavenly Father. I am so thankful.


  5. Just saw the pictures and read the description on your mom’s blog. Holy crap! I’m so glad they are all okay! Thanx again for all the updates!


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