Please Pray for My Sister

About an hour and a half ago, when they were three hours from returning home, my sister and her family were in a car accident.

Something about water and hydroplaning.  A witness said they went airborne.  The explorer apparently landed on its top in a ravine or something.

From what I’m being told everybody is going to be okay, but Katie and their oldest son were taken to the hospital.  Katie is going to need stitches on her nose at the very least, apparently.  But she is pregnant, and N~ was complaining of pain, so they are checking for . . . I don’t know . . . everything you normally check for when someone has been in a car accident of this magnitude.

My brother-in-law, who was driving, is, I’m being told, very shaken up at the moment.  Since all my information is coming second hand, and the first-hand source is pretty traumatized, thought his whole family was going to be killed as his vehicle went flying and spinning, I am still worried.  Even though everyone is apparently okay.

Please pray for all of them:  my sister, her husband, the four boys, the unborn baby. 

Please pray for my mother and brothers who are driving down to (hopefully) bring my sister and her family home.  Pray for their safety.

Luckily my older brother had the presence of mind to call the local LDS church in the area of the accident, so people will be there for them and with them at the hospital until family can get there.  That is comforting.  I am so very, very grateful to be a member of my church.  We are taught that the Lord’s house is a house of order.  I must say, as a church body, we are pretty orderly, very organized.  One phone call and people we don’t even know are on their way to help.  One phone call.

6 thoughts on “Please Pray for My Sister

  1. First prayers already said; thanx for posting this. The seatbelts and carseats are a great blessing. I’m glad the church is there to step in. What a great blessing that is!

    Keep us posted, okay?


  2. Prayers for Katie and her family going up right now. What a blessing that your extended church family is there to help. Please keep us posted. ((hugs))


  3. Oh no, how terrible! I’m so glad everyone seems to be basically OK – it sounds like it could have been much worse. We are praying for them and for your whole family as everyone recovers.


  4. We were so horrified to read about the accident. Thank God they will be OK. Prayers for their healing and for coping for the rest of you.
    Love, Gay


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