The boys are all okay and possibly going a little stir crazy.  The church people who were supposedly on their way?  No shows so far.  Excuse me while I say, “Grrrrrrr.”

Katie has been stitched up, but they are still doing x-rays and ultrasounds and whatnot to make sure everything is okay in zygote land (and yes, I realize things are beyond zygote at this point).

My younger brother was able to track down the tow truck driver that removed their Explorer from the scene, and he will be able to get the boys’ car seats back tonight, so as long as Katie is released from the hospital, they should all be home tonight.

I’m worrying a little less, crying a little less, and now I can’t wait to hear my nephews’ version of the whole thing.

That was soooo cool!  The truck flew UP in the air and spun around and then we came down, CRASH!  But W~ screamed ‘cause him was scared.


Was not.  I did not scream.  You did!


Nuh-uh.  YOU did.


Did not!


Did too!


That’s how I’m imagining it, anyway.

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad you’re getting updates, how completely terrifying! I’ll definitely keep all of you in my thoughts as everyone gets checked out and home again safe and sound. Scary, scary, scary!


  2. Christina

    Oh thank God everyone seems to be okay. I can’t imagine how scary that was for everyone. I’m still praying for the zygote (who is really more of a fetus, yes?).


  3. TKS

    So glad that your sister and her family are all doing well – continuing to pray. On a side note, I am not sure if you (or your sister) are aware but it is recommended that after a car accident, children car seats be replaced. As an insurance claims adjuster, I can also tell you that once you have collision/comprehensive coverage on the vehicle, your insurance company will cover the cost for the replacement seats. You just need to keep the receipts and submit them to the insurance company. This may be information that you already know but if not, I hope that it is helpful.


  4. So glad to hear the boys are in good shape. Still praying for the littlest nut that all is well and everyone can be on their way home soon.


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