The Wii Fit Talks Smack

In November I lost 5 pounds.  I didn’t exercise, I just cut out sugar.  It works every time.  If I’d kept it up?  I would probably be down 10 pounds and walking around feeling all hot and successful and whatnot.

Last year, shortly after our Big Move, I bought some cute, brown stretch jeans on clearance for $5.00.  Yes, I rock the sales.  Anyway, they were too small, and I knew it, but I also knew that I only needed to lose a few pounds for them to fit, they were cute, and $5.00!  Why would I not buy them?

So I wore those brown stretch jeans to the Twilight party and movie.  They made very cute Bella jeans (at least in my mind).

Then, of course, The Holidays hit.

This morning I put those jeans back on for the first time in quite a while, and? 

I swear I heard them scream.  Or maybe groan.

I think there was some quiet muttering about even stretch denim having its limits.

It’s amazing what a difference 3.5 pounds makes.

Okay, okay, so my stretch jeans don’t actually scream or groan.  But you know what?  The Wii Fit does.  I mean, it doesn’t really scream, but when you step on it for the first time each day?  It says, “Ooo!”  And?  It talks smack about you to other users.

A couple of days ago A~ was getting started and it asked her how she thought Matt was doing. 

Does he look:  slimmer, larger, more toned, about the same?

I told A~ to click on “more toned” because the Wii Fit calculates your BMI based solely on your height and weight, and doesn’t take into account your actual muscle mass.  Since McH has more muscle than the average bear his height (even though he hasn’t really been able to work out much for about a year now), the Wii Fit told him he is overweight and made his little Wii Mii guy fat.  So every time he gets on it, his little Wii Mii holds his belly while it jiggles up and down like Santa Claus or something.

Anyway . . . I told A~ to click on “more toned” and she did, and the Wii Fit?  It said, “Well I suppose that is possible . . .”

A~ literally fell to the ground in a crumpled up heap of laughter.

And George, if you’re out there Tewt the Newt it trying to cut back on the sugar.  Again.

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9 thoughts on “The Wii Fit Talks Smack

  1. You’ve sold me. There’s not nearly enough weight smack talk happening around here. Yeah, I’m going to go with that as the reason why my jeans don’t fit so well anymore.


  2. Okay, that’s just about hilarious enough to convince me to dig mine out from under our ugly uncomfortable couch. 😉

    Oh, and I totally missed most of your previous posts about the car accident, but I am really glad your sister and her family is okay.



    I have SEEN McH in person. Twice. That boy does not have a belly. Certainly not one that jiggle! (Unless he has secretly taken to secretly wearing Spanx or something. Which seems HIGHLY unlikely.)


  4. I need a wii fit to talk smack to me- it wouldn’t ooo when I got on, it would probably groan and die a slow, suffocating death from the weight of my lazy self.


  5. Wow am I getting more intruiged by this Wii Fit thing by the day. But I think it would be so mean to me I’d cry and get my exercise by taking a sledgehammer to it or something. I love the smack talk though!


  6. Carissa

    Oh how I have the most amazing love/hate relationship with my Wii fit – I hate that it ooohhh’s when I get on but love the things it does to help me work out while the twins sleep!


  7. The more I read about the Wii Fit in blog land the more I want one. Sigh. Maybe one day.

    I totally rock at the sales too. I once found a $4.00 pair of jeans while on vacation. Not THAT’S a souvenir!


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