Today Was Like Christmas

I got things!

I got this:


And this:


(Which of course makes me an Official Embarrassment to Mormon Women Everywhere)

And, Oh! My! Gosh! This:












IMG_1044      IMG_1032

“Newfoundland dogs are good to save children from drowning, but you must have a pond of water handy and a child, or else there will be no profit in boarding a Newfoundland.” Josh Billings

For now we are ignoring the fact that I said a million fragillion times that I never wanted three dogs again.  We are also ignoring the fact that I gave my husband a Very Hard Time for a Very Long Time when he got Rude the Dog.  We also aren’t talking about how nigh on impossible it is to adopt a dog from a rescue when you have five children and an invisible fence (because, apparently, lots of people think those (meaning the fence, not the kids, though possibly also the kids) are cruel, even if you have four acres fenced in so that the dogs have PLENTY of room to run without getting zapped, and you leave the flags up as a visual reminder FOREVER (literally), even though it makes your yard look like it is hosting some kind of goblin circus.  We also aren’t talking about how approximately 99.99999999% (umm, not scientifically verified or anything) of all dogs in animal shelters these days are Labradors, Labrador mixes, or pit bulls, and we I really didn’t want a lab or a pit.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of shaving the pits I have, but I digress . . .

We’ll discuss those matters another day.  But feel free to mull over the fact that I do, indeed, have a pond of water and FIVE children.

So for today?  I need your help.

*Cue Circus/Game Show Music*

Today we are playing everybody’s favorite game:  Name That Dog!

That’s right contestants, you can win 25 points that have absolutely no value whatsoever, my undying gratitude, and a month’s worth of linkage to your blog if you come up with a winning name for the new pup.

So here is a little information to help get you started:  The puppy is a girl.  She is almost nine weeks old.  She is a Newfoundland dog.  She is black (because I know the occasional idiot stumbles across my blog, but I’m obviously not referring to any of my regular readers.  You all are super duper smart and brilliant.  As are many of the people who stumble across my blog.  Just not all of them.  Odds and averages, you know).

For those of you who want to join in the fun but just can’t come up with any names you think are game show worthy, there is Option B:  vote on one of the names I’m already considering (If an Option B name is chosen, all those who voted for it will get 20 points).

Here are the options:

Dagny  I would have named my first daughter Dagny had my husband not been so vehemently opposed.  If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, or if you have but you’re a liberal, then you won’t appreciate what this name stands for to me.

Melanie (Melly)  This one would be for Melanie Wilkes of Gone With the Wind fame.  I so admire her quiet, unassuming strength and constancy.  These are traits newfs are also known for, so it seems appropriate.  I was almost set on this name and then McH started calling her Smelly Melly (umm . . . she does need a bath) and that made me reconsider.

Alice  I always say I need an Alice.  Obviously this would not be a Twilight Alice, because that Alice is all pixie-like and graceful.  No, this would be a Brady Bunch Alice because Newfoundland dogs are sometimes described as built-in baby sitters.  They are excellent with children and apparently have some kind of instinct to rescue people who seem to be drowning.  Helpful, no?  Remember Nana of Peter Pan fame?  A Newfoundland, apparently.  Disney seems to have made her a St. Bernard, but originally, supposedly, she was a newf.  So, you know, a dog that will keep an eye on the kids would be helpful, like Alice.  Not that I’m going to turn over the child-rearing to the dog, but I’ll take whatever help I can get.

Esme  Because she was a natural nurturer.  That would be a Twilight reference.  I’m not as sold on this one, though, since the whole vampire vs. werewolf was such a big thing in that series and Esme was a vampire, and we’ve already named one dog after one of the wolves.  And, just in case your thinking it?  Leah is out.  I know she was the only girl werewolf, but she was something of a bitter harpy.  Not that I blame her, given the circumstances, but still . . . not what I want to name my cute puppy after.

Finally, if you have this niggling urge to suggest Michelle, Malia, or Sasha, restrain yourself or I will link your blog name here in every post I write for a month.

Ha ha!  I jest!

No, I don’t!  Ha ha!

Anyway, now that we all know how the game is played, let’s get cracking at Name That Dog!

And, just for reference, I am stealing Stacey’s idea and using a blankie buddy to show the growth of the dog (except I’ll update weekly, ‘cause dogs grow a tad faster that children).


20 thoughts on “Today Was Like Christmas

  1. I’m voting for Melanie because in one of those pics she just looks like a sweet little Melly. And if your husband is like mine, and so many other husbands I know, he’ll call her some funny name just to bug you.


  2. I love the new dog! We saw an adult newfoundland at a dog show when A.J. was about 15 months old, and the dog was SO gentle with him. Course, he looked more like a doll next to a dog so big. I love the Alice idea, but if you want a new suggestion, mine is Sadie. I love that name for a dog.

    And, you’re way ahead of me in being a “good Mormon woman.” At least you’ve got a resource to help you can! Maybe one day I’ll get there, too.


  3. J

    I am voting for Melly or Alice- for some reason I really like Alice…
    Um I really need the canning for dummies book, let me know if its any good…I am going to do pickles this year and seriously, I can hardly wait until canning/freezing season is upon me…


  4. Ok that is the cutest dang dog I have EVER seen! I know he’ll double in size tomorrow morning and end up the size of Clifford and he’ll STILL be cute!!!

    Are you getting bees? That’s so awesome!


  5. lauren

    ooohhh, she is A. DORABLE!!!! I almost wish that I wanted to live somewhere colder than Florida next, because I would love to have a newfie. Almost, because 2 1/2 years of England cold has almost done me in. Anyway….names…I think Alice is good, or how about Nana, after said dog in Peter Pan? Man, you are living the dream, I think, acreage, a house full of kids and dogs!


  6. metaphase

    Wow, you all are truly a crazy bunch, a GSD and a Newfie! Ok, so I’m a touch jealous…
    I vote for Dagny or Alice, b/c I have to do the yelling test. What will the name sound like when giving orders/how easy is it to yell- as in “Dagny, no.” “Alice, get over here” or in your case “______, get out of the way.” I know you’ll say get out of the way a lot b/c Newfies are huge and just take up a lot of space.:) Melanie? Cute but too many syllables to shout. Esme? Just doesn’t roll off the tongue that easy like say when you need to get her out of the street. And yes, I tried this when naming my kids, too! Perhaps I’m the crazy one..


  7. I LOVE Newfoundlands! I would have one in a heartbeat if I had 5 acres and a pond. I’m afraid, though, that there’s a definite theme lacking in your name options…I think you need to account for the inevitable ropes of drool that will soon be flung hither and yon about your house. So I suggest Sylvia or Sylvie (a nod to saliva).


  8. Such a cuuuuuutie! Of course I’m a sucker for puppies. Its a good thing Shad hasn’t taken me over to the clinic in awhile. I just can’t say NO! 🙂
    I would like to suggest – Delaney. I don’t know why, she just seems like a Delaney…Lanie for short (cuz all of my kids have to have a nickname.) I like Sadie too. We had a daschund named Sadie…the only dog I’ve been allowed to name in the last 20 years, but that’s another story.
    The bee book wiggs me out. 😉


  9. We plan on getting a black pug. We have had a name picked out for 3 years, no dog yet. . .but when she does come home we will name her . . . . .Milly. So that’s my suggestion. . . but I also want to vote for Melly.

    Good luck with 3 dogs and 5 kids! Wow, that’s a lot of hair and dirt : )


  10. Beekeeping? Really? I must have missed something. I can’t wait for those posts.

    I vote Esme because I like the name and think she looks like one. I agree with your other commenters; she is too cute!


  11. Nancy

    Alice? Oh, please! What will my visual picture be every time you call that dog?

    Nana is a really good suggestion, but I think you should probably go with Dagny since it is so ingrained in your psyche.

    Then there’s reality – she is going to grow up thinking her name is “Move it!”


  12. I’m thinking that “Tonks” might be a good name for that dog. (Although one would hope she wouldn’t die at the hands of her psychopathically evil aunt while locked in a epic battle between good and evil…)

    I’m pleased to see you are moving forward with your bee project.


  13. Christina

    Totally and completely A-dorable! And yes, you are a little nuts with the new puppy and 3 dogs and whatnot. But then, you are also going to keep bees, so what’s a newfoundland puppy compared to that? LOL.

    I’m still wishing my daughter let me name our puppy Moxie CrimeFighter because I think it’s the Awesomest Dog Name Ever. (nevermind it’s a hollywood offspring name, it’s way better as a dog name). You have my permission to take the name because (1) we are full up of dogs for a good long time (2) I didn’t think of it in the first place so who am I to lay claim to it?


  14. Hi: What and adorable puppy!! Very, very cute, but she will not stay small long. I have 3 friends that have Newfies and they get very big, but very friendly and playful. One of my friends has 3 of them. They are great dogs, she would not have any other kind. My Vote is for the name Melly it suits her.
    Re the Invisible dog fence I agree with you. It is the most humane thing you can do for your dog it give them lots of freedom to roam and play while you have a feeling of peace to know they are secure. I have 3 golden retrievers who absolutely love it running and playing in our 5 acres and have for 7 years. They never cross the line so they do not ever get a correction. I would HIGHLY RECOMEND it to anyone who has a dog. It is way better than any other alternative.


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