Does Anybody Know?

Uncooked sweet potatoes:  dangerous for  puppy to chew on and possibly swallow bits of?

They are the chew toy of choice around here right now and, as long as they aren’t poisonous to dogs, I’d rather leave it that way.  Better a yam than my furniture, know what I’m saying?

Dagny snow puppy

  Who?  Me?  Eat the furniture??


Dagny tug-o-war The dish towels aren’t faring so well either, but whatever. 
At least she’s leaving my LOVELY slipcover alone. 
You all got that sarcasm, right?

7 thoughts on “Does Anybody Know?

  1. I don’t know if they’re poisonous or not…I would say probably not…but I’ll ask the vet when he comes home for lunch.
    Oh, the joys of puppyhood!!!


  2. Someone once told me that they would feed their dogs sweet potatoes all the time because they were supposed to be good for their fur. Can’t confirm that they are, but that person’s dog apparently didn’t keel over. Actually, if memory serves me, whoever it was was South American and said that everyone fed them to their dogs down there.

    Looking at a list of things poisonous to dogs, the only thing close is potato leaves and stems. The potatoes themselves, though, are not listed (not to mention the fact that it say potato and not yam).


  3. no clue on the sweet potato, but I remember seeing something about an all natural veggie and fruit diet (or something) for dogs on some talk show. I would think it would be fine. That 2nd pic shows how small the adorable pup is!


  4. I have no clue about sweet potatoes, but the first picture her little white spot looks like it’s shaped like a heart. She’s so adorable that she almost makes me want a dog.


  5. Carissa

    That puppy is adorable. I was told that they were ok when I was looking for a diet for our dog but I never tried them, good luck!


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