How Many Puppies?

I thought – I mean I really thought – that we recently acquired ONE puppy.

Maybe I was wrong?

How many puppies

For the record:

Human Child = 21 months old
Canine Child = 11 weeks old (almost)

Crawling around on the floor and panting like a dog or meowing like a cat is becoming more common.  For the human child, that is.  The dogs and cats kind of already did that.  Minus the crawling, of course.  When I took this picture, Quinn had actually been batting at the bells and scratching at the door right along side the puppy.  And, yes, he runs around the house in his diaper on a semi-regular basis.  I am a white trash mom.


Now for the weekly shot:

dagny 11 monts


Maybe one of these days I’ll stop taking not-so-great pictures long enough to update my blog roll.  Whaddya think?  It seems to be getting a lot of traffic these days, and it is sooooo outdated.  Are you checking to see if I’ve added you yet, somebody?  I haven’t updated it in probably over a year, so sorry.

And maybe one of these days I’ll catch up on the hundred-some-odd posts in my Google reader account.  But not tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wait, nope.  Company for dinner tomorrow.

Maybe Monday.

And George, if you’re out there, Tewt the Newt says hello.

5 thoughts on “How Many Puppies?

  1. Love the picture of the two “pups”. I bet they’re going to be best buds. Nothing better for a kid than a dog. Mine little one loves to be in just a diaper, but too cold these days. I do well to keep socks on him.


  2. Mine are jealous. They wish they had a dog, too. Alas, apartment living and dogs just don’t go well together. My older one often didn’t even have a shirt on at that age, so you’re less white trash than me! AND I’m a true redneck, sans the accent. Mostly.


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