A Plea to Fellow Twilight Fans (Book Version)

As I may or may not have mentioned many moons ago, my teeny, tiny town on the outskirts of an only slightly larger teeny, tiny town, has an itty bitty book club, and I joined it.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not mocking the book club.  Actually, I think the size it rather perfect, and I am thankful that they didn’t laugh themselves silly when I called and said, “Please ma’am, may I join?” or some such thing.  They have been very nice, have given me tips and pointers and suggestions about our county, and did not splash me with holy water when they found out I am Mormon.  So, overall?  Great women.

For the month of February I got to pick the book.  Since none of them have ever read it, and since this month marks the one-year anniversary of the first time I begrudgingly read it, I picked Twilight, of course.

Since I picked the book, I am in charge of refreshments and leading the discussion.  The food?  No problem.  Some mushroom ravioli, sparkly man cookies and Twizzler bites, and we’re set.  The discussion?  Here is my problem.

I have talked about this book so much for the past year, I have talked about the sequels so much for the past year, I’m pretty much (gasp!) all talked out.

I cannot think of a single discussion question.  I think this is because I have no questions left.  I have read it all so many times, talked about it, picked it apart, and drawn conclusions for so long, that I’m pretty much set; and I don’t remember what the questions were my friends and I all asked each other before we were pretty much set.

So, give me some discussion questions that are a little deeper than, “So, what did you think?” 

Ready?  Set?  Go!

7 thoughts on “A Plea to Fellow Twilight Fans (Book Version)

  1. How about:
    Does Bella’s relationship with her parents (and her parents’ relationship with each other) leave her more open to being intrigued/drawn to by the Cullen family?

    What is it about Bella that make her attractive to Edward, when he’s had about a century to find a mate?


  2. Christa

    The debates I always find interesting online are:

    –Is Bella weak? The Yes camp will say she is because she gets lead around and is ruled by her emotions. The No camp will say she is not because she knows what she wants, and won’t take no for an answer.

    –Is it love or hormones? This is the same discussion you have about Romeo and Juliet. Are they silly teens or star-crossed lovers?

    Check out my Twilight page for more ideas if you need them.

    Good luck!


  3. hmmm. What is it that you usually discuss in a book club? I’ve never participated in one, so I’m not sure. But here’s some ideas anyway:

    ::Edward’s mothering/controling of Bella, especially if you consider that he is over 100 and she is only 17.

    ::Bella as a teen girl role model – I’ve heard a lot of arguments for and against it, which are valid considering the target audience for these books

    ::Meyer’s vampire mythos – her twists (sparkly vamps, etc) and ideas of their humanity because they have decided to live as vegetarians. are they truly humane or as Edward believes, still monsters (in other words, is it their actions that define whether or not they’re monsters/humane)?


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