I Am the Lorax, and I Saved the Trees . . . I Hope

Remember my Mormon Monday post this week?  All about dealing with whatever comes our way by having humor, and eternal perspective, understanding the principle of compensation and drawing near to our Heavenly Father?

I’m trying.  Really.  I am.  But thanks to some virus working its way through the family and the constant ebb and flow of hormones, I am having a difficult time loving the what may that has come (and it’s not really a serious virus, just some kind of cold or something: a fever here, a sore throat there, achy shoulders and neck; not enough to lay any of us flat, but enough to make us all wish it were enough to lay us flat, or maybe I mean enough to make me wish it were enough to lay us flat.  Anywho . . .).

When we were house hunting last year at this time, we came up to Radiator Springs and its outlying areas right after snow had melted and while rains were falling.  It was actually a good time to come because there was flooding everywhere and we saw that half the houses we thought looked fantastic online actually sat much too close to one river or another.

But our house?  The house we bought?  The one we currently live in?  Despite the pond and the creek in the back yard, there was NO flooding anywhere.  Furthermore, we were told, there isn’t a floodplain anywhere near our property.  So, you know, YAY This House!

And so here we are, a year later.  The fragillion inches of snow we’ve had have all melted in the past few days.  That is good.  The ground, however, has not had time to entirely thaw, so it can’t soak up all of that melted snow.  That is bad.

Then, yesterday, a large quantity of rain fell.  The seal around a pipe got a hole it in and we got more water in the basement.  Not a lot, luckily.  If anything got ruined it was just some VHS tapes, and since we no longer have a VCR I guess that’s not much of a loss.  The seal is fixed, some clogged drain pipe has been dug up, cut off and diverted, so I think that problem is solved (for the most part – we still need to dig up the rest of the drain pipe, put new in, and have it all diverted back into the pond, but that’s not a big deal, just a lot of manual labor).

Anyway, so what I’m trying to love now, what I’m trying not to be all, “Holy Hell!!!!” about now is this:

flooding 1
The creek you see is actually supposed to be on the other side of the trees you see.  The trampoline, by the way, did not get blown apart.  We took the mat and safety nets down for the winter, which is probably the only thing that prevented the whole thing from being blown away.

flooding 2

More of the creek in our yard, and the aforementioned redirected drain pipe.

flooding 3

My garden.  Luckily it is waaaayyyyy too early to have planted anything for this year.

Here is where I played Lorax.  See all that water to the right of and behind the garden?  That would be where the apple and pear trees were.  When I woke up this morning I could tell the water was high and flowing in places where it shouldn’t be.  When the sun came up I saw the trees, all four of them, reclining in the water as if they were debating a float down the lazy river.   So at 7:30 a.m. I was slogging out in that water, which is almost up to my knees, rescuing trees and hefting them to the garage.  Luckily there is so much water that the wind didn’t snap the trunks.  They came up at the roots, so we will replant them this afternoon on higher ground out front.

flood 4

I know none of these are award winning photos, but I wanted to share this last one.  It shows that the creek has overflowed its bank on both sides, but also, you can kind of see the interesting movement of the water.  See, the creek actually flows to the left, which you can kind of see in the water towards the middle of the photo; but the wind and the natural slope of our yard are carrying the water to the right, which you can kind of see in the water towards the bottom of the photo. 

I guess the point of all that is to say, I don’t just have water everywhere, I have churning water everywhere.

But here is what I keep telling myself:  I am so, so, so glad that our sump pump called it quits a couple of weeks ago, forcing us to get a new one.  Could you imagine if the old one had to deal with all of this?  The water would be churning in my basement instead.

But it isn’t.  So I’m loving it.  Kind of.

11 thoughts on “I Am the Lorax, and I Saved the Trees . . . I Hope

  1. tryingtraditional

    Goodness, you guys have been hit hard. Do you have a battery backup for your pump, if not it might be something to look into.

    We have the same crud going around here in the house. It’s my first time ever having all four girls sick at the very same time…strange really. While it is no fun and I am getting nothing done, it is much preferred to it being drug out week after week while the illness travels from one person to the next.

    On a comical side-note, from the title I thought you were going Al Gore on me hugging trees 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness – that looks like a doozy of a mess to wake up and deal with this morning. Here’s hoping all that water heads to places where it is welcome soon!


  3. Stacey

    Goodness that’s a lot of water. I’m glad the pump is now functioning. My parents house flooded because the pump wasn’t working. Not fun at all.


  4. Christina

    That is a LOT of water. And you definitely win the Lorax Of The Week (Month? Year?) Award for saving those trees. 🙂

    Sorry about the crud going round your house… I feel like we’re never 100% around here until like June, but I sure am ready to be done with all the colds and fevers already.


  5. Way to go Lorax! 🙂 See? God does take care of us. That sump pump quit just when it needed to the most. ;>) I can’t imagine the mess you would have had if it had quit this week.
    Hope you dry out soon.
    BTW – the picture of the pond with a ring around it cracks me up. The pond has a natural levy to protect it, but your garden is drowning. 😉


  6. Wow, that is quite a bit of water…especially for “not having a floodplain anywhere near you.” Let’s hope it recedes soon, and that all is well underneath.


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